Tuesday, April 16, 2013

After All We're A Family: Allegorical Rhetorical

After All We're A Family: Allegorical Rhetorical: Hardened hearts pronounce the Bible as outdated Allegorical Tales..... Changing God's given truth to fill empty souls dry wishing wel...

A poem written by me Lauralee F. Hensley on 4-16-2013.  Anyone that wants to can copy and use this poem.  I expect no compensation from it monetary or otherwise. 

Allegorical Rhetorical

Hardened hearts pronounce the Bible as outdated Allegorical Tales.....
Changing God's given truth to fill empty souls dry wishing wells.
The Father has no need of mankinds great wisdom worshipped as gold,
while it turns a prideful stiff back on truths he gave to know, cherish, hold.
So few passages they even pretend to read, yet believe,
with sinful support others they twist or change to deceive.
Increasingly mocking true Christian, true Jew,
they taunt that our moral mindedness is wrinkled and through.
Their dusty Allegorical Tales they spin times spins---
will be warned then judged as real and very costly national sins.
True believers have sounded prophetical warnings to all who here live,
that The Creator's truth does not change or politically give.
Judgement descends on those not humbly coming to The Father through the Blood Of The Son---
and turning away with repentence of the sins they have done.
The Bible seen as faded Allegorical Tales will be proven Rhetorical at God's choosing.
If you believe tainted deceptions it's your immortal soul that will be losing.
Read the Holy Bible yourself, childlike with a soft heart, open mind,
then your intelligence will be careened by the truth it will find.
God's words are not just to teach us of the moral principals of bygone days Allegorically.
Today they lead us to God's Grace and save us from our sins follies historically.
The Holy Bible prophecies are not just written by John as an old Revelations man,
but also by others who were to let us forsee todays happenings in our own land.
These God chosen, inspired men in history used words of their day,
explaining what we'll experience as our current civilization envelopes the Luciferian way.
If you can't understand seek out a Revelation teaching Rabbi or minister who can.
Staying in the dark never freed any woman or man.
You have the most important resource available to you,
pray that God helps explain the Holy Bible as your read it many times through.
Archaeologists unknowningly prove the Bible time and again.....
before people  said things were not true, but were mere stories of men.
Continue viewing the Holy Bible as merely outdated Allegorical Tales,
and you'll find out soon if there is a merely Allegorical or Rhetorical Real Hell.
God lovingly gave his creation free will
and he'll eventually give you over to it if you don't want to come to Calvary's hill.
He loves you so much he'll never force you to love him by turning from your sin,
but he will leave you in a place of like minded women and men.
Though you may be with your own choosen kind,
you'll feel empty, lonely, with a tortured soul and mind.
God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow
remember that and you'll save yourself soulful sorrow.