Monday, August 19, 2013

Another question just popped into my mind. If age 20 is the basic age of moral responsibility, and the people in many countries are not acting morally responsible (abusing power- voter fraud for example, using illegal drugs, abortion- killing the innocent, living impure lives- pornography, encouraging poor Israel God's chosen people to give up their lands etc., etc.), is God using this number in a mysterious way?
Could 2020 be the year God says he'll leave those  behind who haven't accepted his Grace via his Only Begotten Son The Lord Jesus Christ to his wrath that will be out poured upon the Earth. Will it be the year he takes those to Heaven that did, because they were morally responsible and accepted Jesus Christs' freely given gift and tried to change their lives to live the way he wanted them to live.  
I know that when God speaks of something twice that it is suppose to have greater meaning. 2020, may not be words but the number 20 is repeated twice in a single year form. Could it represent those who did not want his gift and wanted instead their own form of morality as adults, and on the other hand those who did accept his gift and wanted to find and abide by God's form of morality as adults.   Once again, I'm not date setting folks. Just thinking out loud. There are mysteries in the Bible and people were not suppose to understand them until it was time. Yet, we are suppose to know when it's near, even at the door. Granted we are not to know the day and hour, but we are suppose to be looking and be ready. I don't think many adults are trying to follow God's blue print of morality for their lives in the Holy Bible, nor do I think are truly looking.   I'm wondering if many are ready at all.

I'm going to add onto this post on 9-1-2013.  I know some preachers who say the wheat and the shaft are separated at the same time.  So is 2020 (the basic age of moral responsibility according to Jewish traditions) also the year that some 20 year olds (and other ages of course), and some other 20 year olds (and other ages of course) are separated from one another like wheat and shaft?  Just thinking out loud again per say.  I'm not date setting, just wondering.
Okay learned a little about age 20 according to Jewish traditions. The age of majority is not designated in biblical literature, but it's basically the standard for taxation (e.g., Exodus 30:14) and conscription (e.g., Numbers 1:3, 24). This age seems to apply equally to males and to females (see Leviticus 27:4-7), but only for taxation. 

Moral responsibility age seems to begin at age 20. In Numbers, God distinguishes those of age 20 and above, guilty of mutinous, faithless complaints, from "your little ones" and "your children," who alone will arrive in the Land of Israel as promised (Numbers 14:26-35). So the age of 20 marked the transition to adulthood in the biblical period, even though no ceremony seemed to mark it as the age of such.
So I got to wondering the other night about some stuff. In the Bible it talks about a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as a day. Well a day is 24 hours. So I wanted to know how many years an hour would be related to in this analogy. Easy to do, a little math- 1,000 divided by 24 gives that answer, and it ended up 41.6666666(6's will go on forever with this division problem). So each hour is basically related to 41.666years.

So, in 1967 Israel took possession of Palestine. So I feel that was one of its' finest hours, that God miraculously helped them in the conquest. So, I added 1967 to 41.666 (one hour in God's time table), which equaled 2008.666. Now I know this had to make a certain group of people very angry that Israel conquered the land (though they didn't start the aggression in the first place, they just ended it). Look at the 2008.666 especially the .666 that comes after 2008. I'm wondering if that might be a clue when the Anti-Christ came on the scene, though maybe in a way people would not recognize he was there. Could that have been when certain parties got together and decided that enough was enough and they had to get Palestine back away from Israel? Granted it may have taken this long to get it back on the bargaining/negotiating table via Kerry and the UN, but that doesn't mean things weren't going on in 2008.
I also think it is interested that some people say that there is mentioned a half an hour in Revelations where the angels keep quiet. Some believe that is the time of the marriage supper of the lamb. Is it a literal half an hour? I wonder if it is a mysterious clue to when the marriage supper of the lamb takes place instead. I don't know, but if you do the time,  half an hour would be half of the 41.666 or 20.83333333(the threes will go on forever). Could it mean in 2020 sometime will be the marriage supper of the Lamb? Just thinking out loud.
Interesting numbers in 20.833333, some say that 8 is the number of life or Jesus Christ, 3's the divinity, and I've heard some say 20 is significant as an adulthood number. I don't know much about 20 and it's significance to the Jewish people. Does anyone else. I'm just noticing that both the divisions have numbers without end. Well that's all right now as my mind just boggles itself with questions like these. I'm not date setting folks, as no man knows the day or hour, only God in Heaven. Yet, God told we can know that it is near, even at the door. I think things are getting near the door more and more hour by hour.