Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How much is it costing you for the bureaucrats and others to wipe their tail feathers?

I Just Read This on Twitter                        WhiteCloudMom whitecloudmom Did you know that the Pentagon uses about 667 rolls of TP each day?! Whoa! How fast does your family go through TP? #Rollvolution

Well, after reading that I need to start a petition  "Save Tax Dollars, each Pentagon Worker/Visitor is required to bring their own Toliet Paper from home for their own usage."
Then after we tackle the Pentagon onward and forward to all other government agencies. 
This will lead to new jobs because toliet paper companies are going to have to develop, market, distribute
new portable flat rolls, that people can hide as they carry them around with them.  Corn Cob Shucks, the generic person in me says that won't work, the average person will just use facial tissue on their vertical smile.
Yet can you imagine the amount of tax payer dollars saved if we didn't foot the bill for that particular type of paper product.  I mean we still need to pay for paper towels or hand blow dryers to decrease the spread of germs, but if we just eliminated TP on the tax bill.

Let's make Tax TP Free
for all Americans like you and me.
Sound off,
one, two, three, four,
we aren't going to pull our pants down anymore.

Just kidding, and wanting to add a little humor to the flushable situation our economy seems to be in.

Let's do some math.......  Let's say the Pentagon cost is  $166 dollars per day just for TP (and I think that's probably a very low estimate on the cost)  x 365 days per year =  $60,590 a year!  Yikes.  I wish the Pentagon would pay me that kind of bucks for thinking of the idea and implementing it in all government facilities, thereby saving  at least over a million dollars a year, actually I'm sure the savings would be so much higher.

The Company Store Facebook Page Voting For Best Children's Artistic Design Has Begun


I voted for TJ's design.  I don't know TJ, but I looked through all three pages of contest entries and felt TJ's was bright and cheerful.  The design is going to be put on comforters by The Company Store and they will be donating them to a worthy cause.
The child who made the winning design will win a comforter with their design as well as a gift certificate to The Company Store.
You can only vote once.  Multiple votes will be disqualified according to the rules.  So go and check out the design you like best.  There are some really great ones there to look at.  I think all the kids did a wonderful job with their designs. 
Good Luck to all the entrants.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Twitter Followers You Don't Want Tweeting on Your Twitter Page.

Today I had to block a Twitter Follower of mine.  I didn't really know the person when they began following my page, but thought nothing about it at the time.   Well today I saw about four tweets on my page that they were explaining what parts of their own body they were touching etc...    Gross!!!!!
So thankfully someone else was commenting on Twitter today about spammed comments and where to go to find out how to block them.  I'm so glad they tweeted this information, because I used it to block that former follower from my page.
I went to http://support.twitter.com/entries/117063 
which is in the Twitter Help Center   the section is called To block a Twitter user.
1.  Log in to your Twitter account
2.  Go to the profile page of the person you wish to block.  I had to click on one of their comments on my twitter page, then on profile to get there.
3.  Click on the gear icon  it kind of looks like a black circle with spokes on the outer edges of it.  This brings up a drop-down Actions menu.
4.  Select Block from the options listed on the drop-down Actions menu.
What this does is help in the fact that
Blocked users can't:
                       Add your Twitter account to their lists
                       Have their @replies or mentions show in your mentions tab (although these Tweets may
                                                                                                                  still appear in search).
                        Follow you.
                        See your profile picture on their profile page or in their timeline.
Please note:  that if your account is public (i.e., not protected), your Tweets will still be visible on your public profile page.
Twitter doesn't notify a user when you've blocked them, but because they will not longer be able to follow you, they may notice that they've been blocked.
Some may then start hitting your facebook page or private blogs, in which case you'll need to find out how to block them on those if needed.
I'm sure many of you have already had this problem and dealt with it.  Pretty much my first yucky encounter.
Good Luck to everyone who has to, or has already been blocking scum bums.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Let Us Pray for Japan and also for other countries to be protected.

Japan was hit hard by an 8.9 or greater earthquake just a little bit ago.  This triggered a massage Tsunami that then hit the Island.  Homes swept away, cars swept away.  Large fires.  People on roof tops awaiting help.  Farm land washed out to sea. 
The video footage I saw on Fox News was so sad.  I saw flashers on vehicles tail ends  going, as the fronts of  some vehicles were already submerged.  Even some boats were thrust onto the land as the wave came in strong and fast and slammed them into buildings. 
Thankfully no radioactive leaks have been noted from their nuclear power plants that had been affected by the earthquake and tsunami at the time I type this, which is about 3am EST, 2am CST, 1am MST in the USA. 
Let us pray for Japan and what they are going through.
Let us also pray for the protection of Hawaii who are under a tsunami warning, not watch, but warning.
It could hit anytime now.  So let us hope the people on the low lying coast line have been able to get to higher ground.  Urgent action should be taken to prevent loss of life and property in Hawaii, all islands belonging to Hawaii are included in the warning.  A tsunami has been generated.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thank you Coit!

Thank you Coit!  You've made my home a nicer place to be.  The great technician you had come out to my home yesterday to clean all the air ducts in the house was polite, informative, and proficient in his work.   
He wasn't offended when I needed to be watching him in certain rooms of our home, per my husbands instructions.  He said he understood perfectly and would be the same way in his own home. 
He told us about an area we needed to fix where our heating pipe under our home in the crawl space did not totally meet up with the heating register on one side in one room of our home.  He said we were losing heat that way and we'd save money if we used some insulating foam to seal that up.
He told us about other ways to keep our air clean by using heating register filters and to cut a Filtrete 3M filter to fit inside of our cold air returns. 
He understood when he had to make friends with my two biggest dogs before I let him start working so they'd leave him alone.  I had to make the dogs understand that it was okay for him to be there, especially since one of them is a guard dog.  Even so, I put them into another locked fenced off area of the yard so they couldn't bother him.
I put the smaller dog into his locked crate and put him in the garage with the light on, because he will nip and bark.  So, it was better for all around for him to be in there when the work was being done.
We don't have a large house, under 1300 sq. ft., so it only took 2 hours.  He came in the time frame he said he would come.  Note this wasn't a four hour time frame like many repair people give you, it was a two hour time frame.  We knew the job would take between 2 and 3 hours when he came.
So, I thank you Coit for the technician you sent, for being on time, for being done in the time frame we were told.  I also thank you for the discount you gave us for having the job done the very next day after the estimate.  I don't know of many businesses that would give a 50 percent discount like that.
The biggest thing I am thankful for now Coit, is how quite my heater sounds now each time it kicks on.  No doggy furballs or dog food rattling around.  Yes, I said dog food.  Somehow some of my dogs have dropped at some point dog food down some of the heating registers.
The air in the house smells cleaner too. 
For all of these things and great technician I give a very happy and pleased client Thank You to Coit.
Coit did not pay me to post this, nor did they give me a discount to post this because they didn't even know I had a blog.  They never asked if I had a blog and I never told them I had a blog.  I only posted this because I was happy with the service we received that my husband wanted done on our home.