Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How much is it costing you for the bureaucrats and others to wipe their tail feathers?

I Just Read This on Twitter                        WhiteCloudMom whitecloudmom Did you know that the Pentagon uses about 667 rolls of TP each day?! Whoa! How fast does your family go through TP? #Rollvolution

Well, after reading that I need to start a petition  "Save Tax Dollars, each Pentagon Worker/Visitor is required to bring their own Toliet Paper from home for their own usage."
Then after we tackle the Pentagon onward and forward to all other government agencies. 
This will lead to new jobs because toliet paper companies are going to have to develop, market, distribute
new portable flat rolls, that people can hide as they carry them around with them.  Corn Cob Shucks, the generic person in me says that won't work, the average person will just use facial tissue on their vertical smile.
Yet can you imagine the amount of tax payer dollars saved if we didn't foot the bill for that particular type of paper product.  I mean we still need to pay for paper towels or hand blow dryers to decrease the spread of germs, but if we just eliminated TP on the tax bill.

Let's make Tax TP Free
for all Americans like you and me.
Sound off,
one, two, three, four,
we aren't going to pull our pants down anymore.

Just kidding, and wanting to add a little humor to the flushable situation our economy seems to be in.

Let's do some math.......  Let's say the Pentagon cost is  $166 dollars per day just for TP (and I think that's probably a very low estimate on the cost)  x 365 days per year =  $60,590 a year!  Yikes.  I wish the Pentagon would pay me that kind of bucks for thinking of the idea and implementing it in all government facilities, thereby saving  at least over a million dollars a year, actually I'm sure the savings would be so much higher.

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