Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thank you Coit!

Thank you Coit!  You've made my home a nicer place to be.  The great technician you had come out to my home yesterday to clean all the air ducts in the house was polite, informative, and proficient in his work.   
He wasn't offended when I needed to be watching him in certain rooms of our home, per my husbands instructions.  He said he understood perfectly and would be the same way in his own home. 
He told us about an area we needed to fix where our heating pipe under our home in the crawl space did not totally meet up with the heating register on one side in one room of our home.  He said we were losing heat that way and we'd save money if we used some insulating foam to seal that up.
He told us about other ways to keep our air clean by using heating register filters and to cut a Filtrete 3M filter to fit inside of our cold air returns. 
He understood when he had to make friends with my two biggest dogs before I let him start working so they'd leave him alone.  I had to make the dogs understand that it was okay for him to be there, especially since one of them is a guard dog.  Even so, I put them into another locked fenced off area of the yard so they couldn't bother him.
I put the smaller dog into his locked crate and put him in the garage with the light on, because he will nip and bark.  So, it was better for all around for him to be in there when the work was being done.
We don't have a large house, under 1300 sq. ft., so it only took 2 hours.  He came in the time frame he said he would come.  Note this wasn't a four hour time frame like many repair people give you, it was a two hour time frame.  We knew the job would take between 2 and 3 hours when he came.
So, I thank you Coit for the technician you sent, for being on time, for being done in the time frame we were told.  I also thank you for the discount you gave us for having the job done the very next day after the estimate.  I don't know of many businesses that would give a 50 percent discount like that.
The biggest thing I am thankful for now Coit, is how quite my heater sounds now each time it kicks on.  No doggy furballs or dog food rattling around.  Yes, I said dog food.  Somehow some of my dogs have dropped at some point dog food down some of the heating registers.
The air in the house smells cleaner too. 
For all of these things and great technician I give a very happy and pleased client Thank You to Coit.
Coit did not pay me to post this, nor did they give me a discount to post this because they didn't even know I had a blog.  They never asked if I had a blog and I never told them I had a blog.  I only posted this because I was happy with the service we received that my husband wanted done on our home.


  1. As you know, I recently suffered a carbon monoxide poisoning, this would be a great service to use after that. I even mention getting this done in my post about it...I said I wish I could have afforded it, maybe I could have with a 50% discount! How wonderful for you.

  2. You know sometimes you just can't put a price on great service. I have to get the air ducts cleaned out because me two year old's sole purpose in life is to drive me nuts by throwing things down the heat registers, lol!