Friday, December 23, 2011

After All We're A Family: Poem by me Lauralee Hensley title: When Someone Y...

After All We're A Family: Poem by me Lauralee Hensley title: When Someone Y...: When someone you love keeps stabbing your very soul does your spirit ever really climb out of that black hole? When someone you love corre...
This is a link to a poem I wrote that I think some people can relate to.

Poem by me Lauralee Hensley title: When Someone You Love.

When someone you love keeps stabbing your very soul
does your spirit ever really climb out of that black hole?
When someone you love corrects everything you do or say,
do you find it hard to just get through another day?
When someone you love ignores you but not others on the internet
do the pieces of  time to reconnect with them ever reset?
When someone you love  hushes you everytime you try to speak
does you voice soon  become silently weak?
Someone I love you, please love me.
Someone I love you, why don't you see.
Someone I love you, but I feel empty.
Someone I love you, this is reality.
When someone you love sends darts with their eyes,
do you try to smile through or do you looked surprised?
When someone you love always walk away from you where ever you go
do you wonder if it's because for others they want to put on a show?
When someone you love seems so distant and away
do you wonder why you even bother to stay?
When someone you love won't let you hold them in a long embrace
do the memories of why you first loved them start to erase?
Someone I love you, please love me.
Someone I love you, why don't you see.
Someone I love you, but I feel empty.
Someone I love you, this is reality.
When someone you love only wants to sleep alone
does your heart start to turn to stone?
When someone you love says "It's not you, it's me,"
does it ring true as something to believe?
When someone you love doesn't want to hear how you feel
do you wonder if the love they once professed was ever real?
When someone you love packs their bag and walks out the door,
did you know that this is what a vow of committment had in store?
Someone I love you, please love me.
Someone I love you, why don't you see.
Someone I love you, but I feel empty.
Someone I love you, this is reality.
When someone you love is no longer in love with you
do you convince yourself they'll come back and your love will renew?
When someone you love seems so very  happy on their own
do you tell yourself that it was your own fault that the relationship is blown?
When someone you love hires an attorney
do you sob into your hands and fall onto your knees?
When someone you love gets everything they want and more
does your heart ache to hear them once again snore?
Someone I love you, please love me.
Someone I love you, why don't you see.
Someone I love you, but I feel empty.
Someone I love you, this is reality.
When someone isn't your someone again find a friend,
do a little crying on their shoulder and get around that hurtful bend.
When someone is out of your life for good
do something nice for yourself like you really should.
When someone isn't going to be nice to you anymore,
don't look back, just slam that haunting door.
When someone strong finally comes forth from inside of you,
remember to your own self always be kind and true.
Someone I loved you, now I love me.
Someone I loved you,  and now I can see.
Someone I loved you,  I'm no longer empty.
Someone I loved you, this is a new reality.

You can share this poem link with friends for them to read, but it is mine and written by me.  You can not use my poem to make money from by selling it in any form without first consulting me and purchasing it at a price I will decide upon.  Thank you, Lauralee Hensley of the blog After All We're A Family.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Poem Title: B-Clause It Rings True

(First before I begin typing the poem let me explain I wrote this as though Jesus might be speaking to Santa Clause via a dream sequence sort of like the ghosts in the play Scrooge)

In the Nick of time I give this dream to Jolly Old you,
B-Clause it rings so very true.
Many don't know me, they have no clue.
Yet they believe in the magic of  your suit's red hue.

Selling with your bearded smile becomes the retailers object;
ad campaigns billed as the December Chimney Project.
Separation of church and state again the hot subject;
the Creator's Son dropped like a spent coal in dust bins of reject.

Pine trees flashing lights of red, green, golden yellow, even blue.
Roofs and lawns adorned with Rudolph, snowmen, Grinch and you.
Whereas, my first earthly birthday remembered on so few.
Some Christians might kneel this by year by another empty church pew.

You only give them man-made gifts one time each year.
Yet, they celebrate you for that with robust Ho-Ho-Ho Cheer!
They'll happily watch for your sleigh and flying reindeer,
with faces pressed against window panes they'll wait and peer.

When I offer them the gift of eternal life, so many now jeer.
Of Hell's chains and  nails they have no sense of righteous fear,
though their chosen fate may be hammering near.
They don't see that Salvation awaits them.  I am right here.

I do believe this dream is wasted on you.
Your fabled image is too busy in the country of the red, white and blue.
B-Clause It Rings True,
You can't design a toy to make their love of me ever renew.

B-Clause It Rings True,
there are no toy designs that will make it renew.
It has to be their choice or they pay the due.
Do you have anything in your bag to give them a clue?

The B-Clause is the Bible Clause found in John 3:16.
Have you ever read it, do you know what it means?
Are you too busy with the happening Christmas scenes,
or  now concerned about fitting into your favorite jeans?

B-Clause It Rings True,
this may be wasted on you.
B-Clause It Rings True,
I hope this sticks to your heart like glue.

Poem:  Written by Lauralee Hensley of the blog After All We're A Family on December 10th, 2011.....   You have permission to copy and post this poem as long as you do not alter it, or my name as the author of it.  Thank you and God Bless You All.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Politicians Not Honoring Those That Served Once Again!!!!!!!!!-!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been told NYC Policemen and Firefighters are not invited to the 10th anniversary of 9/11 at Ground Zero.  The mayor claims there's not room for them. They weren't invited to that day in 2001 either.  THEY JUST SHOWED UP AND DID THEIR JOB!  Please re-post if you think they belong there more than the Politicians!!!!!!!!!-!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 2011 job openings with Dean Foods (various food companies)  
If you know someone looking for a job have them look at pages 12-15 above. Dean Foods (various food companies we know are under this umbrella).  They have lots of job openings for August 2011. Various states and various jobs. I hope this helps someone in this tough economy.  God Bless.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ask President Obama to Veto using the link listed below.  Ask President Obama to Veto allowing non-USA citizens to be allowed to draw on America's Social Security.  This money  should be protected for legal United States Citizens who have paid into Social Security all their working lives via taxes to be there for them when they reach retirement age. 
Isn't Social Security already burdened?  The government is already talking cut backs in Social Security benefits for those who are qualified.  Then why do we add to it's rolls by adding on non-USA citizens that are in this country illegally.
If those persons want that benefit, they should come here through legal means and become citizens and pay into the system like USA citizens do.
Better yet, why don't they stay in their own countries and try to effect a chance there for the good of all that country's citizens?  Let them help their own country implement an effective retirement system for their citizens, not bankrupt ours any sooner than it may already be.
America needs to go back to being a common sense nation, not a best friend of the world's population nation. 
Best friends should be on a one to one relationship level. 
I expect the United States of America Government to be listening to the citizens who employ them, not be hugging and kissing the whole world.  Government officials if you want to hug and kiss your best friend go ahead, but do it on your own time.  Government officials if you want to give your best friend a gift then go ahead, but use your own dollar to buy it, not mine. 
Government Officials if you want your bank account drained by someone who never legally or with your permission deposited a penny into it, then I say you have no common sense.
You don't need to be a mathematician, a statistician, or an accountant to see that more people on a burdened Social Security roll is not a good thing.
Signed a person with common sense,
Lauralee Hensley

Monday, June 27, 2011

My Next Mom

A poem/song lyrics written 6/25/2011 2-5:30AM by Lauralee F. Hensley
Idea came to me after watching so much of the Tot Mom Terrible Trial Stuff, then listening to the beautiful music of Josh Groban. Then my mind was like that little girl could have had a beautiful life, if she'd just been given to someone who really cared. Adoption would have been an option.
Though this isn't exactly just about the little girl in Florida, it is about so many children that are emotionally discarded by their parents because of parents self-need over shadowing the needs of the children they are meant to love and protect.
Title: My Next Mom
My Next Mom is so proud of me,
of who I've grown up to be.
Mom, I wish you knew
My Next Mom.
She is so good, it's almost hard to believe.
I'll always remember when
My Next Mom-
turned deep pain into deep love;
love I believe was a life changing gift from above,
that I will always try to pass gratefully on.
My Next Mom
helped silence my hearts' angry fury,
all the times I couldn't understand fully,
why you chose your next fix and abandoned me.
I'm sure the drugs caused my secret deformities.
My Next Mom
looked past them, holding me close and tenderly.
To her I was never a burden or mistake,
easily tossed from a car after a tap on the brake.
My Next Mom is so proud of me,
of who I've grown up to be.
Mom, I wish you knew
My Next Mom.
She is so good, it's almost hard to believe.
I'll always remember when
My Next Mom-
turned deep pain into deep love;
love I believe was a life changing gift from above,
that I will always try to pass gratefully on.
My Next Mom gave me a real home and security,
though she wasn't rich, young, or even pretty.
She had a true inner strength and beauty.
Over time she instilled trust and good in me.
Mom, why am I drawn to your marker in this cemetery?
I've wished you would have sought out help and became drug free.
Babies even get sold for a next drug stake.
Some Moms do their time with casket mate Crystal Snowflake.
My Next Mom is so proud of me,
of who I've grown up to be.
Mom you will never know
My Next Mom,
Trading life for skeleton keys, futile were your twenties.
Mom, I'll always remember when you decided-
that deep pain needed more drugs.
I know now was your life changing deception con,
and Mom your legacy will not be passed on,
because of the love of
My Next Mom.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Due to my information being stolen by Lulz Sec (who I personally feel is nothing but an extortion group, whether the extortion is for personal fame gain, or possibly future monetary gain,  by fear and intimidation in my opinion) I am taking safety precautions of unsubscribing to most blogs I follow as well as company advertisements I allow to be sent to me. 
I don't know if their posting of my information over the internet at various sites  had anything to do with possibly someone getting into my system and causing my previous computer to totally crash with no recovery ability, or if all the new scam mails that are overloading my junk mail (especially from Nigeria, the UK, China etc., that say you have a relative that died or you won this or that and send them all your info) is related to their exploits or not.  I'm not sure if their posting of such, lead someone to get into my system and steal info to companies that require us to do business with them via the internet or not, but we were affected financially and had to take steps to change account numbers and more with such companies. 
This really stinks.  I'm not a well person already and this has affected me both emotionally and physically.
Anyways, for your sites safety and mine, I'm trying to unsubscribe, so in case they can get to your locations via mine that it will not happen.
I suspect some people were already phishing and attempting to piggyback on my email address since Lulz Sec posted my information , as someone from London had logged onto my account there per Facebook info.  I know no one in London, and I've never been there, so I already know that Lulz Sec probably caused this to happen by posting the info.  Someone since the Lulz Sec posting of my information also tried to purchase some monetary exchanges using our info, but that was stopped by our financial institution.
We already informed LifeLock and they too are on the outlook.
Cyber Crime is not justified Lulz Sec, even by your so-called motives of good.  They are not good when they hurt people like me.  I never did anything to you Lulz Sec, but I truly suspect that what you did posting the information has in fact hurt me and my family.  I believe you are at least someone at fault in some way by allowing my information that I never gave you permission to post was put out on the internet where people could get into my system, that information included my password.  That was my personal property only to share with those I wanted.  It was not your property.  You stole something of mine whether you see it that way or not.
I hope those persons behind Lulz Sec are caught, sued, imprisoned.   Personally I don't believe extortion is protected in any country on this planet.  So I don't know if your group is located in the USA, or another country, or various countries around the world.  I just hope where your members are located that the authorities  are hot on your heels and catch you very, very, soon.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lulz Sec got me! Did you know about Facebook Wormholes?

Lulz Sec stole my email address and my password.  They've posted it on the internet.  Please everyone change your passwords to protect yourself.
Change your passwords frequently everywhere you go.
This has made me physically sick, as well as emotionally upset.  I feel violated, put at risk because of them, and more.
I didn't ask for this, just like I didn't asked to be raped when I was a kid.
Only this time I'm not going to be silent!!!!!!!
These people think they are doing a service, well I am here to tell them it was not a service and was crap to me. 
I didn't ask them for this.  I did nothing to them and yet here they are hurting me.
They should be caught, then sued by the people and companies they've done this too, then finally put in jail for life.
They've taken away my right of pursuit of happiness.  I am definitely not happy, and am very afraid of the internet right now.
I wonder if this has any link to Facebook telling me people from London were getting into my Facebook account.  I also wonder if this has a correspondence with people getting our bank account number and us having to change all that just recently.  They were trying to buy some kind of foreign currency.
If Lulz Sec wasn't responsible for those items happening, maybe they still put me at risk for such by posting this information on the internet.
I don't know if I want to have anything to do with the computer anymore.  They are more than criminals in my book, they are life suckers.  They suck the enjoyment out of life.  I have very little in life and the little I have they are taking away from me.
I am so very depressed now.  I don't know who I can trust anymore or if I even want to try.
I am so thinking about cancelling my Twitter, Facebook and Blog pages and just saying goodbye to the computer.
Problem is some of my bills I have to pay must be paid via automation.
Maybe the Government and other businesses will rethink it being mandatory that your bills and Doctor visits must be paid or scheduled online.  I sure hope so, so that safety and security can be mine once more.
Lulz Sec thank you for raping my soul, you lower than scum of the earth!!!!!!!!! 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

After All We're A Family: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!QUIT YIELDING THE FLOOR!!!!!!!W...

After All We're A Family: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!QUIT YIELDING THE FLOOR!!!!!!!W...: "Okay, Hubby could not have a paycheck, but will still be expected to work for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Okay, if things aren't worked out by M..."


Okay, Hubby could not have a paycheck, but will still be expected to work for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.
Okay, if things aren't worked out by MAY 1st, it will start affecting military retirees pay too.
So, won't be able to borrow money to keep above water from Hubby's Dad, who is retired military.
My folks are both dead, so no borrowing from them.  No children here in the work arena to borrow from.
Wow, owe on our home, owe on our one vehicle, so really no collateral to get a bank loan with if things hit a stale mate and don't get resolved by our elected officials. 
So wondering if our home and vehicle will be taken, or if that can't happen.
If you think we can take Hubby's already earned vacation pay, sick leave pay and such, that is a big fat "NO."  Not during this period you can't.
Granted when things get worked out, he's suppose to get his back pay, but what about in the mean time.
Would we be allowed to collect food stamps, I wonder.  I truly do, or if that will be frozen for these persons that may be affected by this too.
Oh well, have to turn it all over to GOD.  I don't see this really being resolved this weekend at least.  I'm wondering if Hubby will be called into work in the morning for mandatory work to cover for those persons that may not be considered essential personnel because they don't yet have all the clearances they need to work in certain areas of the government.
I never in my lifetime thought this would be effecting or happening to my family, but it is.  Yes, we need to have less government spending.  They (our elected officials) need to be realistic about where the cuts need to be placed, and they need to get themselves in gear and get it done instead of yielding the floor and spouting off just to hear themselves talk and impress one another.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How much is it costing you for the bureaucrats and others to wipe their tail feathers?

I Just Read This on Twitter                        WhiteCloudMom whitecloudmom Did you know that the Pentagon uses about 667 rolls of TP each day?! Whoa! How fast does your family go through TP? #Rollvolution

Well, after reading that I need to start a petition  "Save Tax Dollars, each Pentagon Worker/Visitor is required to bring their own Toliet Paper from home for their own usage."
Then after we tackle the Pentagon onward and forward to all other government agencies. 
This will lead to new jobs because toliet paper companies are going to have to develop, market, distribute
new portable flat rolls, that people can hide as they carry them around with them.  Corn Cob Shucks, the generic person in me says that won't work, the average person will just use facial tissue on their vertical smile.
Yet can you imagine the amount of tax payer dollars saved if we didn't foot the bill for that particular type of paper product.  I mean we still need to pay for paper towels or hand blow dryers to decrease the spread of germs, but if we just eliminated TP on the tax bill.

Let's make Tax TP Free
for all Americans like you and me.
Sound off,
one, two, three, four,
we aren't going to pull our pants down anymore.

Just kidding, and wanting to add a little humor to the flushable situation our economy seems to be in.

Let's do some math.......  Let's say the Pentagon cost is  $166 dollars per day just for TP (and I think that's probably a very low estimate on the cost)  x 365 days per year =  $60,590 a year!  Yikes.  I wish the Pentagon would pay me that kind of bucks for thinking of the idea and implementing it in all government facilities, thereby saving  at least over a million dollars a year, actually I'm sure the savings would be so much higher.

The Company Store Facebook Page Voting For Best Children's Artistic Design Has Begun

I voted for TJ's design.  I don't know TJ, but I looked through all three pages of contest entries and felt TJ's was bright and cheerful.  The design is going to be put on comforters by The Company Store and they will be donating them to a worthy cause.
The child who made the winning design will win a comforter with their design as well as a gift certificate to The Company Store.
You can only vote once.  Multiple votes will be disqualified according to the rules.  So go and check out the design you like best.  There are some really great ones there to look at.  I think all the kids did a wonderful job with their designs. 
Good Luck to all the entrants.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Twitter Followers You Don't Want Tweeting on Your Twitter Page.

Today I had to block a Twitter Follower of mine.  I didn't really know the person when they began following my page, but thought nothing about it at the time.   Well today I saw about four tweets on my page that they were explaining what parts of their own body they were touching etc...    Gross!!!!!
So thankfully someone else was commenting on Twitter today about spammed comments and where to go to find out how to block them.  I'm so glad they tweeted this information, because I used it to block that former follower from my page.
I went to 
which is in the Twitter Help Center   the section is called To block a Twitter user.
1.  Log in to your Twitter account
2.  Go to the profile page of the person you wish to block.  I had to click on one of their comments on my twitter page, then on profile to get there.
3.  Click on the gear icon  it kind of looks like a black circle with spokes on the outer edges of it.  This brings up a drop-down Actions menu.
4.  Select Block from the options listed on the drop-down Actions menu.
What this does is help in the fact that
Blocked users can't:
                       Add your Twitter account to their lists
                       Have their @replies or mentions show in your mentions tab (although these Tweets may
                                                                                                                  still appear in search).
                        Follow you.
                        See your profile picture on their profile page or in their timeline.
Please note:  that if your account is public (i.e., not protected), your Tweets will still be visible on your public profile page.
Twitter doesn't notify a user when you've blocked them, but because they will not longer be able to follow you, they may notice that they've been blocked.
Some may then start hitting your facebook page or private blogs, in which case you'll need to find out how to block them on those if needed.
I'm sure many of you have already had this problem and dealt with it.  Pretty much my first yucky encounter.
Good Luck to everyone who has to, or has already been blocking scum bums.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Let Us Pray for Japan and also for other countries to be protected.

Japan was hit hard by an 8.9 or greater earthquake just a little bit ago.  This triggered a massage Tsunami that then hit the Island.  Homes swept away, cars swept away.  Large fires.  People on roof tops awaiting help.  Farm land washed out to sea. 
The video footage I saw on Fox News was so sad.  I saw flashers on vehicles tail ends  going, as the fronts of  some vehicles were already submerged.  Even some boats were thrust onto the land as the wave came in strong and fast and slammed them into buildings. 
Thankfully no radioactive leaks have been noted from their nuclear power plants that had been affected by the earthquake and tsunami at the time I type this, which is about 3am EST, 2am CST, 1am MST in the USA. 
Let us pray for Japan and what they are going through.
Let us also pray for the protection of Hawaii who are under a tsunami warning, not watch, but warning.
It could hit anytime now.  So let us hope the people on the low lying coast line have been able to get to higher ground.  Urgent action should be taken to prevent loss of life and property in Hawaii, all islands belonging to Hawaii are included in the warning.  A tsunami has been generated.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thank you Coit!

Thank you Coit!  You've made my home a nicer place to be.  The great technician you had come out to my home yesterday to clean all the air ducts in the house was polite, informative, and proficient in his work.   
He wasn't offended when I needed to be watching him in certain rooms of our home, per my husbands instructions.  He said he understood perfectly and would be the same way in his own home. 
He told us about an area we needed to fix where our heating pipe under our home in the crawl space did not totally meet up with the heating register on one side in one room of our home.  He said we were losing heat that way and we'd save money if we used some insulating foam to seal that up.
He told us about other ways to keep our air clean by using heating register filters and to cut a Filtrete 3M filter to fit inside of our cold air returns. 
He understood when he had to make friends with my two biggest dogs before I let him start working so they'd leave him alone.  I had to make the dogs understand that it was okay for him to be there, especially since one of them is a guard dog.  Even so, I put them into another locked fenced off area of the yard so they couldn't bother him.
I put the smaller dog into his locked crate and put him in the garage with the light on, because he will nip and bark.  So, it was better for all around for him to be in there when the work was being done.
We don't have a large house, under 1300 sq. ft., so it only took 2 hours.  He came in the time frame he said he would come.  Note this wasn't a four hour time frame like many repair people give you, it was a two hour time frame.  We knew the job would take between 2 and 3 hours when he came.
So, I thank you Coit for the technician you sent, for being on time, for being done in the time frame we were told.  I also thank you for the discount you gave us for having the job done the very next day after the estimate.  I don't know of many businesses that would give a 50 percent discount like that.
The biggest thing I am thankful for now Coit, is how quite my heater sounds now each time it kicks on.  No doggy furballs or dog food rattling around.  Yes, I said dog food.  Somehow some of my dogs have dropped at some point dog food down some of the heating registers.
The air in the house smells cleaner too. 
For all of these things and great technician I give a very happy and pleased client Thank You to Coit.
Coit did not pay me to post this, nor did they give me a discount to post this because they didn't even know I had a blog.  They never asked if I had a blog and I never told them I had a blog.  I only posted this because I was happy with the service we received that my husband wanted done on our home.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The X Prize

What happens when the X Prize founders are taxed so much simply for having money that they earned from their hard work and foresight, that they can't sponsor the X Prize Foundation any longer?
Don't know what the X Prize Foundation is, or what I'm even talking about, then go to the link below.
Do you know someone who is very inventive and has a dream, then get them to this link.  It may help them.
Yet, I personally think they should hurry, because how long can foundations exist to help others when the sponsors of such foundations may be taxed so much in the future that they stop sponsoring endeavors such as these?
Earthly riches only last so long, they are not forever.   The mighty often fall, and over burdening of taxes seems to hurry the fall along faster.   The problem is when they fall,   many others employed by them are affected, as well as future employees or maybe even future X Prize Winners who in turn employee others etc...   It would be nice if businesses and charities had no end, but alas many do.   Now, if the end is caused by poor management, then this is understandable, but when it is caused because of the trickle down effect of over taxation, well that is a sad day indeed.   I think we are seeing this happening now and I believe it's only going to get worse. 
You can't give everyone a handout from the government to the people through taxation of the people, even if you start by limiting that taxation to the people with the most money.  It won't work.  It has a trickle down equation to it.  The people with the most money won't always be the people with the most money because it's been taken away by taxes, so they go to the next set of people with the second most amount of money to tax at a high rate, then their money is no longer there either, and it trickles down.  It trickles down because they don't donate to charities or support great helpful foundations, they let employees go from businesses they own, or even close businesses they own.  They try to get out before they lose even more than they already have.  It trickles down to the workers, those in need, or those that could have used foundation monies to invent something that perhaps one day could save lives. 
X marks the spot.  Isn't that what was on treasure maps in the old days? 
Soon I'm afraid that a TA will be added in front of the X, and TAX will mark the spot for all that is not.

Monday, January 31, 2011

What do you do when your friend is addicted?

What do you do when you find out your friend is addicted?
The friend that was my maid of honor at my wedding many years ago called about an hour ago. 
She seemed frantic, as she usually has each time she's called me over the past year.  She's still seeking Ambien from any Doctor that will give it to her.  She calls me hoping I know a Doctor that will write her a presciption.  I don't know any Doctor's.  I've told her this in the past.
Seems she has been getting the medicine from a relative, and she hasn't even told her husband she's been getting this medication from them.  I'm sure her husband would flip his lid if he knew she was getting medications without a prescription.
She kept telling me she needed the medication because her days were too long.  So I asked her if she was taking the medication to sleep at night, or if she was taking it during the day.  She takes it both day and night.  She wants to sleep her days away because they are too long and she has nothing to do since they put her on disability and will no longer let her teach.
I told her you don't sleep during the day simply because you are bored and your days are too long.  I told her you do things or learn things to do to fill them up.  I gave her examples of things to do and places to go to learn things.  She doesn't want to pay to take classes, and I understand that because money is now tight for them.  I suggested she learn new recipes and such.
I told her even if you're bored you don't take pills to sleep during the day.  I explained you somehow learn to live with periods of boredom.
I think she was going to start volunteering somewhere, but had a car accident.
I don't think right now while her mind is wandering that she can focus well enough to be driving.
I explained to her I think that she's now addicted to the Ambien and needs to go somewhere (drug rehab, though I didn't say that phrase) to get dried out just like alcoholics do.  I tried to explain to her that the longer you take sleeping meds, the less and less they seem to be effective.
Then she said that yesterday she mentioned suicide to the same relative that had been giving her the Ambien.  The relative doesn't want to give them to her anymore.  So the relative called the police on her because she was talking about suicide.  She also said the relative lied and told the police that she was threatening someone too besides.
She said the police came to her house, but that she was able to convince the police the relative was lying.
So, what do you do.  She wanted phone numbers from me for the insurance company we both have.  She's bound and determined to find a psychiatrist or primary Doctor that will prescribe these pills for her.  I don't think any ever will. 
I don't know why she can't talk to her own family about her needs and how she's feeling when she is down.  I'm not a psychiatrist and pray that she finds a new one that will help her.  Apparently her present one isn't.
It must be horrible to have a frantic mind and only want to sleep to escape it.  I mean I have health problems too, physical in nature.  I have a lot of physical pain with my condition and I don't seek out prescription pain meds, nor do I drown myself in alcohol or any illegal substances to dull my pain.
I really think people sometimes need to find their own way to help themselves with chronic illness, whether mental or physical.  I don't think the Doctor's, whether psychiatrists or medical in nature really get it, unless they've been through it themselves.
I talked to my husband and asked him if I thought I should try and call her husband at work and talk to him.  He told me "No."
Her husband has physical medical problems and is still trying to work.  We already know her daughter is tired of everything with her mom.
So, I just know that I will call the police next time, if needed, if she talks of suicide.  I'm not trained in this and I can't be responsible anymore to try and talk her down, or reason with her.
I try, but she doesn't seem to remember what we talk about from one phone call to the next.
It's draining me emotionally.  I'm feeling like I can't deal anymore. 
So what would you do when your now know your friend is addicted?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I can read this easily, can you?


Sunday, January 16, 2011

It is their problem, no it is their problem.

Well for awhile now we couldn't get onto the internet.  Our phone company was saying it wasn't them or our IPS service, but was our router.  The router company was saying it was our phone company and the DSL line.
So back and forth, and back and forth.  Well thankfully the phone company sent a technician out today on a Sunday to check the problem.  Sure enough it was the DSL line.  Something had to be fixed in a phone box a bit away from us.  There wasn't a problem in the phone box that was right behind our house, because apparently our phone line doesn't originate from there.  It comes from a phone box on another block some distance from us.  Strange if you ask me.
Anyways the technician replaced some wires at the box where our DSL comes from.  Now we are back, but not before my husband had to pay almost a hundred dollars to the router company so they'd go through and help him check if it was our router.  Okay, so he gets a year worth of service for that hundred dollars, but it wasn't our router and if our phone company would have checked on their end first then we wouldn't have had to put out money for something we didn't need.  So very frustrating and sometimes feels like a racket if you ask me.
Ahh well, at least we are back online and have the internet again.