Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ask President Obama to Veto using the link listed below.  Ask President Obama to Veto allowing non-USA citizens to be allowed to draw on America's Social Security.  This money  should be protected for legal United States Citizens who have paid into Social Security all their working lives via taxes to be there for them when they reach retirement age. 
Isn't Social Security already burdened?  The government is already talking cut backs in Social Security benefits for those who are qualified.  Then why do we add to it's rolls by adding on non-USA citizens that are in this country illegally.
If those persons want that benefit, they should come here through legal means and become citizens and pay into the system like USA citizens do.
Better yet, why don't they stay in their own countries and try to effect a chance there for the good of all that country's citizens?  Let them help their own country implement an effective retirement system for their citizens, not bankrupt ours any sooner than it may already be.
America needs to go back to being a common sense nation, not a best friend of the world's population nation. 
Best friends should be on a one to one relationship level. 
I expect the United States of America Government to be listening to the citizens who employ them, not be hugging and kissing the whole world.  Government officials if you want to hug and kiss your best friend go ahead, but do it on your own time.  Government officials if you want to give your best friend a gift then go ahead, but use your own dollar to buy it, not mine. 
Government Officials if you want your bank account drained by someone who never legally or with your permission deposited a penny into it, then I say you have no common sense.
You don't need to be a mathematician, a statistician, or an accountant to see that more people on a burdened Social Security roll is not a good thing.
Signed a person with common sense,
Lauralee Hensley

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