Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Please vote for my children's story. Thank You.

I just entered the Nature Made Children's Bedtime Story Book Contest.
Right now all you can see is my title page, but hopefully the rest of it will show up for you to read.  Perhaps they have to proof them before they'll put up the rest of the story for safety reasons. 
It's in rhyme, because that's what my brain likes to do.
They have seemed to leave the L out of Dolphin, but hopefully they'll put it in because I emailed them about that and about not being able to read anything but the title page.
You can vote daily through 11-15-2010 I believe.
If you don't want to vote for me, then maybe you'll want to make your own online story to put up for voting.
It is located at
Thank you in advance for any votes that you are able to direct towards my story.  I appreciate all my readers.
God Bless you all.

The 28th Wasn't Great.

On the 27th, I typed I should just keep my mouth shut on the 28th, well I didn't.  I asked some questions at a conference the hubster and I attended.  I got the look from him.  The one where, 'Why are you asking that?  People are going to think you don't understand.'  That look.  He was annoyed.
Boy, I didn't want to go to this because I knew this exact thing would happen.  Yet, I think there are no dumb questions, the only thing dumb is not to ask and remain clueless.
Then we go to a food court for the lunch break during this same conference.  He asked me where I wanted to eat.  So I told him.  Once again, the look and the voice inflection where you knew he was not happy with my choice.
I got really mad.  I said "Why did you ask me in the first place if you wanted to eat somewhere else.  I told you we could eat where you wanted when we were coming over here.  So let's just go where you want."
"No, we'll eat there, where you want,"  but still his tone was annoying one.  With that I just told him to eat wherever he wanted because I didn't want to eat.   I went and sat down and thought he went to get himself some food.  No, he went off wandering around looking at stores and window shopping for things he wanted.
You know he wouldn't eat because I no longer felt like it.
I thought guys were suppose to be the ones that mean what they say, not say something while really meaning something else, like many feel us females do.
I'm tired of trying to read minds.  I think I'll just become a hermit, it's easier than dealing with some people on some days.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Dog Gone It Dogs.....

Well, we had to have Spike our min pin put on antibiotics because he wasn't getting any better on his own with this respiratory virus/infection thing.
Now the German Shepard I thought was well after her go rounds with antibiotics, probably has a right ear infection thing going on.  I had to clean out her ear.  It was gross.  It had old blood and awful stuff in it.  Her right ear was very red inside and very warm to touch compared to the left ear.  Since I cleaned it all out the redness is down some now and it's less warm, but if it's not totally better in a day or two, she'll probably be back at the vet's office to get it checked on. 
Our Belgium Malinois seems less energetic too, and his nose has been a little warmer than usual today.  I hope he's not getting sick too.
I hate dog virus' because they go round and round in a circle in a home, just like a people virus' do in a home full of children.
I really think if our Belgium Malinois ends up having to go on antibiotics and antihistamines, I'm going to ask the vet to put the other dogs on at the same time so we can totally nip this in the bud.
We haven't been going to the dog park to keep our dogs from giving other dogs the virus.  I think our dogs miss going too. 
Well all the dogs are sleeping which is good.  I need to go to bed earlier than I usually do.  Things I really truly need to get done tomorrow.
I need to keep my mouth shut tomorrow with some people I'm going to be around.  If I don't it will probably come back to bite me in the behind.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Holiday Palooza, come join in on the fun.

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The Spirit Made Me Do It!

This past week I've been cutting up branches that we had cut out of and off of three of our very, very, big trees.  They were hanging too low and would probably break if an early snow came.  The front yard tree was also blocking some driving vision abilities for our next door neighbors when they were trying to pull out of their driveway.  We like our neighbors next door and didn't want this to be a problem for them anymore.
So, while cutting up the items for our community's fall clean-up that was held yesterday, I felt a strong spiritual feeling I needed to cut a lot  of that wood up into kindling sizes.  Now I know that would make a lot more work.  You have to snip off all the little shoot branches and leaves that are no good for going into a fireplace.  I'd already done that to the big, thicker pieces of branches and we had them cut into 5 foot lengths or smaller.  With kindling you don't want them really over 15 inches in length, so that also meant more cutting with loppers to get them to the right length. 
 So during the week last week I worked on this because I had such a strong feeling.  My husband kept saying, "Why are you doing that?  They (the health department) are just going to have all the fall clean-up stuff taken to the dump anyways."  Well I kept going because I felt someone was suppose to get this wood, someone who needed it. 
By 7:30 am Saturday morning I had everything piled by the side of the road for the pick-up.  We had already paid our $15 to be involved in the clean-up.  Anyways a long white bearded old man in an also very old beat-up truck stopped by the road where I was finishing moving a couple branches.  He asked what the wood was for.  I told him.  He said he cooked and heated his home eight months out of the year with wood.  I asked him if he wanted this.  He did.  He was using a cane to get around.  So I asked him how he wanted it put on his truck.  My husband and I loaded it up onto his truck.  He was really happy with the two very large boxes of kindling I had cut up.  He said this wood was going to help heat his home for almost a whole month.
Boy, I'm glad I did what the spirit told me to do.  I'm also glad I got up early and got everything by the road and was outside at that exact time.  I'm glad I didn't feel afraid to ask the man if he needed anything.  I'm not usually like that.  Usually I don't talk to strangers since I was followed by a truck last year when I was out walking my dog and a neighbor alerted me to being followed.
Well the Spirit Made Me Do It, and I'm glad I did because I was rewarded with a really great feeling in my heart, my husband felt really good too.  He said he was glad someone was going to get some use out of the wood rather than it decaying at the dump.
So after he left we put out about a third of the tiny leaved branches we had for the fall pick-up instead.
The rest we will do a controlled burn on once we get the okay from the fire department in our community.
So we aren't out our $15 fee we paid to be involved.
Now if my energy levels would just kick back up I need to get started on yucky fall weeds that like to grow here.  The sticker making weeds always seem to show up in the fall for some reason.  So I have some to pull and need to preventative spray so we don't end up with a ton.
What's The Spirit Making You Do?

The Holiday Palooza is Coming.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spike Sneezes, Fall Comes, and Stress Takes Over!

My little dog Spike our four year old min pin is still sick with a respiratory infection.  All he would really like to do is sit on my lap.  Mostly all he is doing though is sleeping in his little dog bed covered up.  Spike  covers himself up.  He's had to have a blanket since the day we brought him home.  Now if he was feeling better  he'd be sleeping on top of it because it's warm enough, but since he's not, he's under it.  I keep hearing him sneeze from time to time.  Thankfully he's drinking enough water and not getting dehydrated.  He's eating too, but just not as much.  He caught this from the female German Shepard dog we brought home from the animal shelter awhile back.  She got over her respiratory infection pretty quickly with the help of antibiotics, but little Spike isn't doing as well.  I think it's time to take him back to the vet, but I'll wait and see what my husband says.

Tomorrow is the start of Fall-Clean Up  in the community in which we live.
I'll be so thankful that we can get the branches  out of the yard that we cut from the trees, as well as a cabinet from inside the house, because it was basically busted.   I wish we could take some big rocks that we don't want in the yard and some old brick, but they said "No" to that.  I think the $15 fee for getting rid of the branches will be a fair price.  Then we'll have to get the okay to burn some of the twigs and leaves.  We tried to get the okay from the fire department here the other day, but they said "No controlled burns today."  I wondered why, I thought maybe the wind was a little too much, but my husband said that wasn't the reason because he asked.  Then a few moments later we heard sirens.  So it was probably because they had calls they needed to respond to and didn't have enough volunteers to staff at that time in case our fire got out of control.
We've burned here before without incident, but I can understand if you only have a crew of a certain number of volunteers available you may have to tell people no when they want to do a controlled burn.

My husband has to do a two and a half hour stress test soon.  So the Cardiologist's office called and went over all the things he can't and can do and have to eat and drink before the testing and such.  They also needed to know if he has problems being in tight spaces or if he uses oxygen.  So I wrote everything down and answered all the questions.  I'm glad they called or I would have called them to ask if he could take his medications.  He can and that makes me feel better.  I'm glad the insurance company approved  this test.  I've wanted him to have it for a few months now.  I want to make sure his heart stents are still clear and he has no new blockages going on, especially since they had to change his cholesterol medications.    The medication started giving him muscle pains and making his knees super weak.  He says his knees feel stronger since they switched him off the old pills and onto the new ones.  I don't understand that since they are all still in the statin class of medications.  I can't take the statins at all they cause me too much pain.  My younger sister actually has an allergy her Doctor says to that class of medications.  My mom did too, so it's probably something genetic and my side of the family has a few weird things that way.

Well I hope none of you are sneezing, that you can enjoy the fall that is seasonally here,
and that you are stress free.
God Bless you all.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Whiney me will keep it simple, I'm hurting bad.

I woke up today with incredible upper back spasms.  I thought it was referred pain maybe from my esophagus.  It isn't because warm water hasn't helped, my meds for GERD, prescription like  antacids haven't helped, and  neither have over the counter pain medications.   I have been dealing with this incredible pain for over eight hours now.  The problem is some of the other pain associated with it makes you think that you might be having a heart attack.  Yet, I'm sure if I go to the ER, the Doc's  there will just tell me it's a migraine effect.   I don't have a headache at the moment.  Sure,  I have jaw and chin pain, but not what I call a migraine. 
I'm tried of this, there was stuff I wanted and needed to get done today, but it's not happening because when
I tried I really intensified the pain.
Well, I wish I had something cheery to blog about, but since I haven't done anything at all today there isn't a thing.  Well, maybe a couple small things, I voted for a friends photo in a contest and I told my nephew's wife about a sweepstakes I thought she might be interested in.  That's about it though. 
I hope the hubby gets home before nine tonight.  I miss him.  He's my rock when I feel horrible like this.  I'm glad I have him in my life.  So even though I'm not lucky in health, I am lucky in love and companionship.
I hope you all have blessed and happy weekends with the ones in your lives that you love and enjoy being around.
God Bless.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Didn't have to do jury duty.

I didn't have to do jury duty after all.  I called the number on the form letter they sent me.  It said numbers between such and such, report at such and such a time.  It said all others were excused from jury duty for the remainder of this year.
Then they went on and said what couldn't be brought into the court house, etc..
Well, this wouldn't work for me at all.  No food or fluids.  I have to have 40 ounces of warm water available at all times in case my esophagus goes into spasms.  I have to force myself to drink it quickly to stop the spasms.  It works, the warmth of the water filling up my esophagus quickly really is the only thing that helps.
Now, see my non-compassionate Doctor at Ft. Carson wouldn't give me an excuse to get out of jury duty, even though I have a diagnosis of Migraines, a diagnosis of achalasia, a somewhat, but non-military diagnosis of fibromyalgia, a genetic nerve/muscle disorder, intestinal spasms etc., chronic upper to mid right back pain, etc....  Basically I'm in pain 24-7.
Sometimes I walk through life like a zombie because I can't sleep due to all the pain.  When I do sleep, per sleep studies done, I rarely hit REM sleep and not long enough either, I also desaturated on my oxygen levels.  So basically I don't really hit a long enough restful sleep state even when I do sleep.
Now, how in her Doctor educated right mind did she think that I could possibly be a good and alert enough jury member?  I don't even like to drive because I don't think I'm clear headed enough much of the time.  I think I have only driven two times in the past year out of very needed necessity only.  We only have one vehicle too.  I live in a community with no bus or taxi service.  I'd have to go one town away to serve jury duty so that would have meant renting a car to get there and back, because my husband works long hours and commutes somewhat to his job.  That would have set us back financially I am sure. 
On top of that  the judicial building doesn't have enough parking.  They built where they are boxed in with business' and churches built around them.  They actually have to rent some parking spaces during the week from the Baptist Church to the west of them.  They give you this big old list of where you can't park and where you can park.
Since my younger sister has already been down this road before with them last year serving jury duty, she said make sure you get there about six am in the morning if you have to serve or you're not going to find anywhere to park. 
So you can't believe how grateful to my Creator God in Heaven that he answered my prayer about this one.  Now I hope he does that for the remainder of my life too. 
It's not that I wouldn't serve if I felt well.  If I felt well I'd even be working to make our family some income, since the Doctor won't help me get Social Security (by the way I paid into that for many years when I was able to work).  So, it's not that I don't know my civic duty, it's just you want someone on the jury that doesn't have to run to the bathroom immediately when nature calls, and no I'm not talking the business that those bladder pills supposedly work on.
You don't want someone whose esophagus goes into spasms, making me sound like I'm having an asthma attack, though this isn't asthma.  Then my only thought is on my warm water and getting it down so the spasm will stop or at least be lessened so I can breath.  Then
afterwards I'm dealing with the incredible amount of pain still left.  You don't want someone who'll have to be wearing sunglasses because the light is too bright and might trigger a migraine headache (yes, even in my own home I have to wear sunglasses when my hubster opens up curtains and blinds). 
Anyways, my hubster is still after me to try and get another provider at Ft. Carson, but I'm so done with these non-compassionate people who don't get people in chronic and often times acute pain on top of that.
Yet, I've got to look on the positive side, maybe the catching away or Rapture as some call it will happen very soon, even this year, and maybe I'll never have to deal with this issue ever again.  That would be totally wonderful.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A new blogger and already having problems.

Well, my followers aren't showing.  It says I have ten when I go hunting in the design area of this little blog, and I haven't removed them, so where are they?  Beats me.  I tried each and every area and all the drop downs looking.  I went to ask blogger and they just have tons of questions like that from last year and it said they were working on it and the problem should be fixed shortly.  Ahh well, I can't find out who all ten are, though I already know who a few are.

Yee Haw, Kick Up Your Spurs.

I know lots of people only wear boots at fair times, but I know many others like my husband who wear them daily.  My husband loves his western boots.  He loves Justin Boots. 
 Now even though he has a pair of Justin Boots and they have wear left in them, I thought it would be great if he could have a nice pair to wear to church or if we are going out somewhere nice.  So what Yee Haw good luck to find  out about what's going on over at Eighty MPH Mom.  Head over to Eighty MPH Mom, where you can win a pair of Justin Boots (winner’s choice)! 
Good luck, but really I'm kind of crossing my fingers for myself.  I'd love to win a pair for the hubster for an Anniversary present.
Just click on the Bold Eighty MPH Mom above for a direct link to her review giveaway.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Freezing Home Made Stuffed Bell Peppers.

I spent several hours in the kitchen today making five meals worth of stuffed bell peppers and then freezing them.  I was able to get some stuffed bell peppers on sale, so I stocked up.  I was also able to get five pounds of rice for a great price.  So what better to do with them then make stuffed bell peppers.
Yes, from start to finish, since I only have two pots large enough to cook the bell peppers in, and to make that much rice in, I had to do things in stages.
1.   I got the peppers blanched and semi-softened in boiling salted water, then I drained and put them aside to cool. 
2.  Next in one of the large pots I made the rice.
3.   In the other pot I started browning frozen hamburger, two large packages worth.  So browning hamburger that way takes awhile because you do it at lower heat until all the hamburger is unthawed and broken up, then you can up the heat a bit. 
4.  Then I added into the hamburger two large chopped onions. 
5.  Once the hamburger onion mixture is done and drained, I'm able to add it into the large pot of rice.  Thankfully this pot is big enough to pour everything in, then it takes a bit of work and a large long spoon to mix it all up thoroughly.  
6.  I stuff the cooled bell peppers with the mixture.  I then let them cool.  
7.  Now I wrap each individual bell pepper up with plastic wrap trying to have no trapped air. Then I put a meals worth in a gallon sized freezer bag, get out the air and zip close.  I put the cooking instructions on the bag, in case someone else ends up cooking them instead of me. 
8.  When I do go to cook them I will first add tomato sauce to the top of each bell pepper.
9.  To cook, remove from freezer bag, and unwrap each bell pepper.  Place in a baking dish that has about an inch of water in the bottom of the pan.  Bake in a 350F degree preheated oven for about 1 hour and 10 minutes if starting with the frozen bell pepper.  If you have let them unthaw in the refrigerator you can cut down the time probably to 45 minutes.  Ovens vary and so do tastes, so basically you want to get the bell pepper warmed all the way through.  Some people do not add the tomato sauce on top until the last 15 minutes of cooking, because they like their tomato sauce to still be runny/saucy.  We like ours to make kind of like a tomato crust on top of the bell pepper so we usually put in on sooner.
10. These bell peppers can be changed up by the type of rice you use or any seasonings you may want to add to the rice.  Some people add in taco seasoning when cooking the rice.  Some others add spaghetti sauce in place of half of the water when making the rice.  It depends on your preferences.
We tend to like the standard Bell Peppers around here, so I mostly, but not always stick to that recipe.
Now I have 5 meals in my freezer that are easy to cook. 
11.  Just add a side salad and the meal is done.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11, 2001

I've been reading on several blogs how some people want the Mosque to be built near ground zero because we have to forgive and forget.  I've also read that the Mosque should be allowed to be there because we have religious freedom in this nation.
This is my opinion and you can disagree if you want to.  I'm going to use my freedom of speech right here on this little blog of mine.  I disagree with the ones that say forgive and forget.  You can forgive, but you do not have to forget.  You need to remember, so you can pray that it never happens again.  You can remember so if you encounter a person making verbal threats against this country that you can contact appropriate law enforcement agencies, so they can then determine if this is an individual that would follow through on said threats.  I disagree with allowing the Mosque to be built near ground zero.  They can still practice their faith in this country, and do.  They just do not need to do it in a location that is going to cause grief and continual pain to those who lost loved ones on September 11th.  There are already several Mosque's/prayer rooms in New York, and I am sure they would allow another to built somewhere else if needed.  
Respect and kindness is a two way exchange.  I don't think it is respectful or kind to ask persons who lost loved ones at ground zero to have to say I forgive you and please build your Mosque recreation prayer room center where it brings back horrible memories and pain to me.  Maybe zoning laws need to be made to preserve this area from any faith to build another church in a so many block radius of ground zero.  I mean the ones that are already built could stay, but any new ones not be given the zoning okay. 
So there I said it, no hoodwink here.  Hoodna (I spelled this phonetically because I do not know how it's spelled in it's Muslim based language) is not something I believe is right in any circumstance.  I will not trick you to achieve my own goal at your expense.
I truly think that being a Muslim is not only holding to the Muslim faith, but the Muslim political viewpoint as well, I don't think they have a true separation between faith/government.  I think it goes hand in hand.  So
with that written here, I say just do not be hoodwinked.  Listen to what they have to say, but don't always believe it all as true or just.
I just hope that all who lost their lives on that day are in Heaven, otherwise their lives were for nothing and nothing can bring them back for a second chance or a possibility of an eternal life with The One and Only Creator of All.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yogurt, Yogurt, Yogurt.

Okay, I've been going to a lot of blogs which are having yogurt giveaway entry opportunities.  The brands being given away are wonderful.  Yet, you may or may not have noticed I haven't entered any of these giveaway entry opportunities.  Why you may ask?  The answer is because of my hubby.
The last time we went to Sam's club he bought so much yogurt.  Actually one of the brands mentioned in most of the giveaways at various great blog/review sites.  However, he didn't check the expiration date.  They were pretty short.  Now this family is having to force feed themselves the yogurt before it expires on us and it's wasted money down the drain. 
I like Sam's club and the great values you can get, but one must remember to check the expiration dates and think can our family possibly use this all up by then or not.  We didn't do that.  I go shopping with a list and what we need to get, but I have a husband that adds to what we end up picking up in the store while we are in there.  I think we'll be leaving here and it will only cost such and such.  Then we hit the check-out and I view the added items in the cart.  I cringe, but there they are. 
I know, I know, complain, complain, complain.  Many of you out there would love to have a husband that would go and help you grocery shop.  That's all well and good, if it's actually help and they stick to the list, but if they go wandering off and you don't know where they are, start sticking items into the carts without telling you and don't compare brands with the coupons you have, it can actually undermine your attempts at keeping on track with the grocery budget.
I'm feeling a slight sense of dread come over me as we gear up to go major grocery shopping very soon once again.  I'm doing all the right things, cutting and organizing the coupons, planning out meals and what we'll need, but it can all come undone.  Yet, somehow I never let it.  I usually purposely shop under the price point the budget will allow just to make allowances for these types of things he does.  It's called a compromise, yet it's one he's not aware of.  I don't argue with him about the things I find in the grocery cart, I just tell him to let me have a minute so I can check and see if we have a coupon we can use along with that.  As I tabulate the subtotal with each item we get I do that at full price and not with the coupon subtracted.  That helps me to cover some of what he does.  When I'm tabulating in my head with each item and say my total is now $123.39, I just round it up in my head to $124 before I add the next item on to it.  That also seems to help cover some of what he throws in that I don't know about and also for some of the taxes there may be at the end on none grocery type items (cleaning supplies etc.). 
Have I ever gone over our allotted budget?  Yes, a few times, by $5 to maybe $25 dollars, but rarely because of the way I now do this.  So if any others out there that have a spouse that shops with you and  throws stuff in the basket, not on your shopping list, I suggest maybe you try the above system to help you stay within budget.
Here's to living in a tight economy.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Poor Spike Is Sick Now.

Little Spike my min pin has now caught the upper respiratory infection from Duchess (the German Shepard we got from the animal shelter). She's now better, but poor Spike has been sick a couple of days now. He's had his first antibiotic, so hopefully he'll get better soon.
All he does is either sneeze or sleep. He wants to constantly be on my lap too, and if he isn't he starts shaking like he's scared. So even though my legs are tired, he's on my lap sleeping.
I hope he feels better soon.
I'm saying a prayer my big dog the Belgium Malinois doesn't catch this. I hope his resistance is strong. Drag that doggy virus' go around quick in a family, just like people virus' do.
At least no doggy diarrhea with this virus though, so I do have a lot to be thankful for. Doggy poo in the house would make me want to cry.
Well, have a great day in your neck of the woods. Make sure to take your vitamins and minerals and pro biotic yogurts so maybe you can keep from getting sick.
I'm going to see if Walgreens is giving the flu shot in my neck of the woods this weekend, because I maybe have yucky jury duty next week, and
I tend to catch everything with a vengeance. I already have too many other
health problems to deal with, without getting that.
God Bless you and yours.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Slept Most Of The Day

I was so sick last night with my achalasia.  Severe, wrenching spasms all the way from the top of my intestinal system to the end.  I couldn't help it, but even though I have this often and should be used to it, I cried my eyes out for over an hour last night. 
I didn't sleep in the same room as my husband last night because he went to bed really early for him and I
didn't want to wake him up when I finally went to bed at 11.  Good thing too, because an half-hour later the
spasms started with a roar and didn't end until around 8 this morning.  Between 4 and 5 I broke down and
bawled like a baby.
My husband didn't hear me, he can sleep through anything.  I did think about waking him up and having him
take me to the hospital, but I didn't want to go and really have nothing done, or to be given something I might
have a horrible reaction to like I have had in the past.  I didn't want to end up feeling worse than I already did, though I don't believe I could have felt much worse.
I am still very sore and tender everywhere.  I feel like someone who has done at least a thousand sit-ups with no warm-ups, no conditioning, nothing and had to do them in a rapid fire manner.
I'm still very nauseated too and I still feel weepy, though I'm not letting myself cry.
So today, I let my husband know what went on last night.  He was kind of mad, he said he would have taken me straight to the hospital.  He went to the store and bought me BEANO.  He somehow thinks that will help.
So, I'll give it a try to humor him, but I don't think that has anything to do with anything.  It's the achalasia and the genetic nerve/muscle thing again.  I went through it last week and the week before, I just never told him and he was at work those times.
Any Doctor that thinks giving someone with this condition a Heller Myotomy with a Dor Fundoplication surgery on the cardiac sphincter muscle is going to make the pain/discomfort/spasms etc. related to achalasia
go away or even tolerable is so off the mark.  I still often have the heart attack feeling pains from this condition, and now more and more often the full digestive tract spasms that truly double a person over and
don't just last a few minutes, but truly hours on hours.
Anyways, enough whine, whine, whine, it doesn't do any good anyways, my Dear, Sweetheart of a Husband didn't expect anything from me today.  He did it all (thank Goodness it was his day off).  He even went and got the BEANO hoping it will help, and did the meals, took care of everyone and the dogs.  He let me go
to back to bed whenever I wanted and let me have the house temperature where I wanted.  See he likes it
warmer than me most of the time, so it was very comforting to have the house a little cooler to make me
feel better.
I am so fortunate to have a man like this in my life.  One that doesn't expect the world out of me when I'm
in a bad way, even with those bad ways coming more and more frequently again like when I first got ill with this disease.  A genetic nerve/muscle condition that hits with spasms many places in my body including the areas that the achalasia include.  No one has given me a name for it specifically.  They won't test me for
two diseases I think may be causing this.  I'm glad I have a husband who believes me and gets what I've
been going through, because the uncaring Doctor's at Fort Carson that I've seen certainly do not.  Well,
one did, but he's not stationed there anymore.  This is the only health insurance we can afford, it's through
the government, and all I can say is government run health insurance isn't going to be cracked up to what
everyone thinks it's going to be.  I can attest to that already.  You get what you get and then you suffer
unless they deem you one of the valuable people.  A retired military persons spouse isn't one of the
valuable people.  The active duty men and women who are serving are valuable, but the rest of us be
D_____.  I don't like to cuss, but one can figure out what the rest of the word is meant to be.
Well I'm still wiped from last night, drained of all of my energy, which I have little of anyways, so I'll
be going to bed early, just hope I can sleep and get re-energized.  I hope no repeat performances tonight.
For those of you who can sleep and get rested, you truly need to give God a prayer of thanks for that
luxury, because for those of us out here who often can't we know it is a true blessing from the Lord.

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Zealand Quake

For any of those who read the blog A Merry Life, you might realize the beautiful young lady Mary of this blog is now living in New Zealand.  Let us all say a prayer she, Kepa, and Kepa's family are all safe.  I realize Auckland and Christchurch are over 400 miles apart, but still this situation can impact the whole country on
some level.
Please pray now for New Zealand.
Thank you.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do you want to design the new glade candle?

I entered one of my designs today.  Read the rules, you can enter more designs than you thought.
You have a chance at $20,000 in prizes.  I'd love to win the grand prize.  I bet you would too.
Check it out and take a chance.  Good luck.

A Printing Coupons Kind Of Day.

I haven't gotten much done yesterday or today.  I've been battling severe esophageal and back spasms that I am sure in some point is related to whatever nerve/muscle disease that caused my achalasia.  The pain has been immense like it was before my surgery.  Literally the pain is like that of a heart attack.  Pain in the back, chest, upper arms, neck, face.  Intense pain.  Yesterday I got through it, but it lasted a little over three hours.
Truly I was almost at the point of calling my husband and begging him to come home from work and taking me to the hospital, but I have been there before and the hospital does nothing.  Actually the last time they made me sicker by giving me two drugs which I had an immediate allergic reaction too and I couldn't breath etc., which required other meds to undo the first meds.  It was a mess.  I left there feeling worse than when I went.  They want you to follow up with your own Dr., but she doesn't do anything.  She doesn't believe me. Today I went through the same thing but, (Thank You God In Heaven) it only lasted a little over two hours. So naturally  I am drained physically.  I have things I need to do, like cleaning my house, changing sheets etc., but I can't.  It's not that I don't want to, it's that I literally am so drained from the pain that I think if I tried I'd pass out.
So, to at least be somewhat productive and earn my keep around here, I am using the internet to print out coupons I can use when we go grocery shopping next.  Hopefully we can find some good bargains, but I don't see many around on food right now, except cereal.  We do eat cereal, I just wish there were more coupons available on some of the more grown up varieties.
Hey, body of mine you better listen to me. I can't print coupons everyday and let that be the only thing I get accomplished.  Please body behave and let me have some pain free and energetic days when I can please get some much needed things done.  A Printing Coupons Kind of Day should only come once in a blue moon, not days back to back.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Las Vegas mailman won the latest big prize from Publisher's Clearing House.

Okay, so I get to keep entering the Publisher's Clearing  House sweepstakes nearly everyday again.  I didn't win the latest big prize.  Joseph B. (won't put his last name because I don't have permission to do so) a mailman from Las Vegas did.  Congratulations and enjoy your win.   I wonder if he's been entering everyday for numerous years like I have, or if he won with his first entry like some people have. 
I'll go back to playing the what if game.