Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Spirit Made Me Do It!

This past week I've been cutting up branches that we had cut out of and off of three of our very, very, big trees.  They were hanging too low and would probably break if an early snow came.  The front yard tree was also blocking some driving vision abilities for our next door neighbors when they were trying to pull out of their driveway.  We like our neighbors next door and didn't want this to be a problem for them anymore.
So, while cutting up the items for our community's fall clean-up that was held yesterday, I felt a strong spiritual feeling I needed to cut a lot  of that wood up into kindling sizes.  Now I know that would make a lot more work.  You have to snip off all the little shoot branches and leaves that are no good for going into a fireplace.  I'd already done that to the big, thicker pieces of branches and we had them cut into 5 foot lengths or smaller.  With kindling you don't want them really over 15 inches in length, so that also meant more cutting with loppers to get them to the right length. 
 So during the week last week I worked on this because I had such a strong feeling.  My husband kept saying, "Why are you doing that?  They (the health department) are just going to have all the fall clean-up stuff taken to the dump anyways."  Well I kept going because I felt someone was suppose to get this wood, someone who needed it. 
By 7:30 am Saturday morning I had everything piled by the side of the road for the pick-up.  We had already paid our $15 to be involved in the clean-up.  Anyways a long white bearded old man in an also very old beat-up truck stopped by the road where I was finishing moving a couple branches.  He asked what the wood was for.  I told him.  He said he cooked and heated his home eight months out of the year with wood.  I asked him if he wanted this.  He did.  He was using a cane to get around.  So I asked him how he wanted it put on his truck.  My husband and I loaded it up onto his truck.  He was really happy with the two very large boxes of kindling I had cut up.  He said this wood was going to help heat his home for almost a whole month.
Boy, I'm glad I did what the spirit told me to do.  I'm also glad I got up early and got everything by the road and was outside at that exact time.  I'm glad I didn't feel afraid to ask the man if he needed anything.  I'm not usually like that.  Usually I don't talk to strangers since I was followed by a truck last year when I was out walking my dog and a neighbor alerted me to being followed.
Well the Spirit Made Me Do It, and I'm glad I did because I was rewarded with a really great feeling in my heart, my husband felt really good too.  He said he was glad someone was going to get some use out of the wood rather than it decaying at the dump.
So after he left we put out about a third of the tiny leaved branches we had for the fall pick-up instead.
The rest we will do a controlled burn on once we get the okay from the fire department in our community.
So we aren't out our $15 fee we paid to be involved.
Now if my energy levels would just kick back up I need to get started on yucky fall weeds that like to grow here.  The sticker making weeds always seem to show up in the fall for some reason.  So I have some to pull and need to preventative spray so we don't end up with a ton.
What's The Spirit Making You Do?


  1. What a beautiful story about following the urgings of spirit. This man can now his heat his home, and nothing has gone to waste!

  2. Ya- isn't it a great feeling when we listen?!

    Thanks for the awesome comment on my blog- I just had to share it with everyone!

  3. It is always good to listen to that still, small voice! It feels so good to help people out, doesn't it? Great post!