Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The 28th Wasn't Great.

On the 27th, I typed I should just keep my mouth shut on the 28th, well I didn't.  I asked some questions at a conference the hubster and I attended.  I got the look from him.  The one where, 'Why are you asking that?  People are going to think you don't understand.'  That look.  He was annoyed.
Boy, I didn't want to go to this because I knew this exact thing would happen.  Yet, I think there are no dumb questions, the only thing dumb is not to ask and remain clueless.
Then we go to a food court for the lunch break during this same conference.  He asked me where I wanted to eat.  So I told him.  Once again, the look and the voice inflection where you knew he was not happy with my choice.
I got really mad.  I said "Why did you ask me in the first place if you wanted to eat somewhere else.  I told you we could eat where you wanted when we were coming over here.  So let's just go where you want."
"No, we'll eat there, where you want,"  but still his tone was annoying one.  With that I just told him to eat wherever he wanted because I didn't want to eat.   I went and sat down and thought he went to get himself some food.  No, he went off wandering around looking at stores and window shopping for things he wanted.
You know he wouldn't eat because I no longer felt like it.
I thought guys were suppose to be the ones that mean what they say, not say something while really meaning something else, like many feel us females do.
I'm tired of trying to read minds.  I think I'll just become a hermit, it's easier than dealing with some people on some days.

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