Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spike Sneezes, Fall Comes, and Stress Takes Over!

My little dog Spike our four year old min pin is still sick with a respiratory infection.  All he would really like to do is sit on my lap.  Mostly all he is doing though is sleeping in his little dog bed covered up.  Spike  covers himself up.  He's had to have a blanket since the day we brought him home.  Now if he was feeling better  he'd be sleeping on top of it because it's warm enough, but since he's not, he's under it.  I keep hearing him sneeze from time to time.  Thankfully he's drinking enough water and not getting dehydrated.  He's eating too, but just not as much.  He caught this from the female German Shepard dog we brought home from the animal shelter awhile back.  She got over her respiratory infection pretty quickly with the help of antibiotics, but little Spike isn't doing as well.  I think it's time to take him back to the vet, but I'll wait and see what my husband says.

Tomorrow is the start of Fall-Clean Up  in the community in which we live.
I'll be so thankful that we can get the branches  out of the yard that we cut from the trees, as well as a cabinet from inside the house, because it was basically busted.   I wish we could take some big rocks that we don't want in the yard and some old brick, but they said "No" to that.  I think the $15 fee for getting rid of the branches will be a fair price.  Then we'll have to get the okay to burn some of the twigs and leaves.  We tried to get the okay from the fire department here the other day, but they said "No controlled burns today."  I wondered why, I thought maybe the wind was a little too much, but my husband said that wasn't the reason because he asked.  Then a few moments later we heard sirens.  So it was probably because they had calls they needed to respond to and didn't have enough volunteers to staff at that time in case our fire got out of control.
We've burned here before without incident, but I can understand if you only have a crew of a certain number of volunteers available you may have to tell people no when they want to do a controlled burn.

My husband has to do a two and a half hour stress test soon.  So the Cardiologist's office called and went over all the things he can't and can do and have to eat and drink before the testing and such.  They also needed to know if he has problems being in tight spaces or if he uses oxygen.  So I wrote everything down and answered all the questions.  I'm glad they called or I would have called them to ask if he could take his medications.  He can and that makes me feel better.  I'm glad the insurance company approved  this test.  I've wanted him to have it for a few months now.  I want to make sure his heart stents are still clear and he has no new blockages going on, especially since they had to change his cholesterol medications.    The medication started giving him muscle pains and making his knees super weak.  He says his knees feel stronger since they switched him off the old pills and onto the new ones.  I don't understand that since they are all still in the statin class of medications.  I can't take the statins at all they cause me too much pain.  My younger sister actually has an allergy her Doctor says to that class of medications.  My mom did too, so it's probably something genetic and my side of the family has a few weird things that way.

Well I hope none of you are sneezing, that you can enjoy the fall that is seasonally here,
and that you are stress free.
God Bless you all.

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