Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Printing Coupons Kind Of Day.

I haven't gotten much done yesterday or today.  I've been battling severe esophageal and back spasms that I am sure in some point is related to whatever nerve/muscle disease that caused my achalasia.  The pain has been immense like it was before my surgery.  Literally the pain is like that of a heart attack.  Pain in the back, chest, upper arms, neck, face.  Intense pain.  Yesterday I got through it, but it lasted a little over three hours.
Truly I was almost at the point of calling my husband and begging him to come home from work and taking me to the hospital, but I have been there before and the hospital does nothing.  Actually the last time they made me sicker by giving me two drugs which I had an immediate allergic reaction too and I couldn't breath etc., which required other meds to undo the first meds.  It was a mess.  I left there feeling worse than when I went.  They want you to follow up with your own Dr., but she doesn't do anything.  She doesn't believe me. Today I went through the same thing but, (Thank You God In Heaven) it only lasted a little over two hours. So naturally  I am drained physically.  I have things I need to do, like cleaning my house, changing sheets etc., but I can't.  It's not that I don't want to, it's that I literally am so drained from the pain that I think if I tried I'd pass out.
So, to at least be somewhat productive and earn my keep around here, I am using the internet to print out coupons I can use when we go grocery shopping next.  Hopefully we can find some good bargains, but I don't see many around on food right now, except cereal.  We do eat cereal, I just wish there were more coupons available on some of the more grown up varieties.
Hey, body of mine you better listen to me. I can't print coupons everyday and let that be the only thing I get accomplished.  Please body behave and let me have some pain free and energetic days when I can please get some much needed things done.  A Printing Coupons Kind of Day should only come once in a blue moon, not days back to back.


  1. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well.
    On a better note, hopefully you found some great coupons to print! I found quite a few this week to use for my family!

  2. Angela, thanks. I did find a lot of great coupons. I ended saving a little over $44 on my large grocery shopping trip on Friday.