Monday, September 27, 2010

Dog Gone It Dogs.....

Well, we had to have Spike our min pin put on antibiotics because he wasn't getting any better on his own with this respiratory virus/infection thing.
Now the German Shepard I thought was well after her go rounds with antibiotics, probably has a right ear infection thing going on.  I had to clean out her ear.  It was gross.  It had old blood and awful stuff in it.  Her right ear was very red inside and very warm to touch compared to the left ear.  Since I cleaned it all out the redness is down some now and it's less warm, but if it's not totally better in a day or two, she'll probably be back at the vet's office to get it checked on. 
Our Belgium Malinois seems less energetic too, and his nose has been a little warmer than usual today.  I hope he's not getting sick too.
I hate dog virus' because they go round and round in a circle in a home, just like a people virus' do in a home full of children.
I really think if our Belgium Malinois ends up having to go on antibiotics and antihistamines, I'm going to ask the vet to put the other dogs on at the same time so we can totally nip this in the bud.
We haven't been going to the dog park to keep our dogs from giving other dogs the virus.  I think our dogs miss going too. 
Well all the dogs are sleeping which is good.  I need to go to bed earlier than I usually do.  Things I really truly need to get done tomorrow.
I need to keep my mouth shut tomorrow with some people I'm going to be around.  If I don't it will probably come back to bite me in the behind.

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