Friday, September 17, 2010

Whiney me will keep it simple, I'm hurting bad.

I woke up today with incredible upper back spasms.  I thought it was referred pain maybe from my esophagus.  It isn't because warm water hasn't helped, my meds for GERD, prescription like  antacids haven't helped, and  neither have over the counter pain medications.   I have been dealing with this incredible pain for over eight hours now.  The problem is some of the other pain associated with it makes you think that you might be having a heart attack.  Yet, I'm sure if I go to the ER, the Doc's  there will just tell me it's a migraine effect.   I don't have a headache at the moment.  Sure,  I have jaw and chin pain, but not what I call a migraine. 
I'm tried of this, there was stuff I wanted and needed to get done today, but it's not happening because when
I tried I really intensified the pain.
Well, I wish I had something cheery to blog about, but since I haven't done anything at all today there isn't a thing.  Well, maybe a couple small things, I voted for a friends photo in a contest and I told my nephew's wife about a sweepstakes I thought she might be interested in.  That's about it though. 
I hope the hubby gets home before nine tonight.  I miss him.  He's my rock when I feel horrible like this.  I'm glad I have him in my life.  So even though I'm not lucky in health, I am lucky in love and companionship.
I hope you all have blessed and happy weekends with the ones in your lives that you love and enjoy being around.
God Bless.


  1. Oh you poor thing. Have you tried acupuncture? My mom had horrible migraines and acupuncture really helped her. Not sure if that might help your issues. Hope the hubby got home early!

  2. I'm so sorry that you are going through all of this. I really hope that you feel better soon!

    Take Care!

  3. I'm sorry your in pain! I hope you feel better soon & love your positive outlook!