Thursday, September 16, 2010

Didn't have to do jury duty.

I didn't have to do jury duty after all.  I called the number on the form letter they sent me.  It said numbers between such and such, report at such and such a time.  It said all others were excused from jury duty for the remainder of this year.
Then they went on and said what couldn't be brought into the court house, etc..
Well, this wouldn't work for me at all.  No food or fluids.  I have to have 40 ounces of warm water available at all times in case my esophagus goes into spasms.  I have to force myself to drink it quickly to stop the spasms.  It works, the warmth of the water filling up my esophagus quickly really is the only thing that helps.
Now, see my non-compassionate Doctor at Ft. Carson wouldn't give me an excuse to get out of jury duty, even though I have a diagnosis of Migraines, a diagnosis of achalasia, a somewhat, but non-military diagnosis of fibromyalgia, a genetic nerve/muscle disorder, intestinal spasms etc., chronic upper to mid right back pain, etc....  Basically I'm in pain 24-7.
Sometimes I walk through life like a zombie because I can't sleep due to all the pain.  When I do sleep, per sleep studies done, I rarely hit REM sleep and not long enough either, I also desaturated on my oxygen levels.  So basically I don't really hit a long enough restful sleep state even when I do sleep.
Now, how in her Doctor educated right mind did she think that I could possibly be a good and alert enough jury member?  I don't even like to drive because I don't think I'm clear headed enough much of the time.  I think I have only driven two times in the past year out of very needed necessity only.  We only have one vehicle too.  I live in a community with no bus or taxi service.  I'd have to go one town away to serve jury duty so that would have meant renting a car to get there and back, because my husband works long hours and commutes somewhat to his job.  That would have set us back financially I am sure. 
On top of that  the judicial building doesn't have enough parking.  They built where they are boxed in with business' and churches built around them.  They actually have to rent some parking spaces during the week from the Baptist Church to the west of them.  They give you this big old list of where you can't park and where you can park.
Since my younger sister has already been down this road before with them last year serving jury duty, she said make sure you get there about six am in the morning if you have to serve or you're not going to find anywhere to park. 
So you can't believe how grateful to my Creator God in Heaven that he answered my prayer about this one.  Now I hope he does that for the remainder of my life too. 
It's not that I wouldn't serve if I felt well.  If I felt well I'd even be working to make our family some income, since the Doctor won't help me get Social Security (by the way I paid into that for many years when I was able to work).  So, it's not that I don't know my civic duty, it's just you want someone on the jury that doesn't have to run to the bathroom immediately when nature calls, and no I'm not talking the business that those bladder pills supposedly work on.
You don't want someone whose esophagus goes into spasms, making me sound like I'm having an asthma attack, though this isn't asthma.  Then my only thought is on my warm water and getting it down so the spasm will stop or at least be lessened so I can breath.  Then
afterwards I'm dealing with the incredible amount of pain still left.  You don't want someone who'll have to be wearing sunglasses because the light is too bright and might trigger a migraine headache (yes, even in my own home I have to wear sunglasses when my hubster opens up curtains and blinds). 
Anyways, my hubster is still after me to try and get another provider at Ft. Carson, but I'm so done with these non-compassionate people who don't get people in chronic and often times acute pain on top of that.
Yet, I've got to look on the positive side, maybe the catching away or Rapture as some call it will happen very soon, even this year, and maybe I'll never have to deal with this issue ever again.  That would be totally wonderful.

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  1. Oh, wow -- I am sooo sorry you are dealing with all of this AND have doctors not working to help you with everything. UGH!

    Good news the jury duty was canceled -- that's one blessing at least.