Sunday, January 16, 2011

It is their problem, no it is their problem.

Well for awhile now we couldn't get onto the internet.  Our phone company was saying it wasn't them or our IPS service, but was our router.  The router company was saying it was our phone company and the DSL line.
So back and forth, and back and forth.  Well thankfully the phone company sent a technician out today on a Sunday to check the problem.  Sure enough it was the DSL line.  Something had to be fixed in a phone box a bit away from us.  There wasn't a problem in the phone box that was right behind our house, because apparently our phone line doesn't originate from there.  It comes from a phone box on another block some distance from us.  Strange if you ask me.
Anyways the technician replaced some wires at the box where our DSL comes from.  Now we are back, but not before my husband had to pay almost a hundred dollars to the router company so they'd go through and help him check if it was our router.  Okay, so he gets a year worth of service for that hundred dollars, but it wasn't our router and if our phone company would have checked on their end first then we wouldn't have had to put out money for something we didn't need.  So very frustrating and sometimes feels like a racket if you ask me.
Ahh well, at least we are back online and have the internet again.


  1. That would have been so incredibly frustrating! Glad you're back online.

  2. That is really frustrating! I'm so glad my husband has the patience to deal with it! Glad you're up and running again.