Friday, March 11, 2011

Let Us Pray for Japan and also for other countries to be protected.

Japan was hit hard by an 8.9 or greater earthquake just a little bit ago.  This triggered a massage Tsunami that then hit the Island.  Homes swept away, cars swept away.  Large fires.  People on roof tops awaiting help.  Farm land washed out to sea. 
The video footage I saw on Fox News was so sad.  I saw flashers on vehicles tail ends  going, as the fronts of  some vehicles were already submerged.  Even some boats were thrust onto the land as the wave came in strong and fast and slammed them into buildings. 
Thankfully no radioactive leaks have been noted from their nuclear power plants that had been affected by the earthquake and tsunami at the time I type this, which is about 3am EST, 2am CST, 1am MST in the USA. 
Let us pray for Japan and what they are going through.
Let us also pray for the protection of Hawaii who are under a tsunami warning, not watch, but warning.
It could hit anytime now.  So let us hope the people on the low lying coast line have been able to get to higher ground.  Urgent action should be taken to prevent loss of life and property in Hawaii, all islands belonging to Hawaii are included in the warning.  A tsunami has been generated.

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