Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lulz Sec got me! Did you know about Facebook Wormholes?

Lulz Sec stole my email address and my password.  They've posted it on the internet.  Please everyone change your passwords to protect yourself.
Change your passwords frequently everywhere you go.
This has made me physically sick, as well as emotionally upset.  I feel violated, put at risk because of them, and more.
I didn't ask for this, just like I didn't asked to be raped when I was a kid.
Only this time I'm not going to be silent!!!!!!!
These people think they are doing a service, well I am here to tell them it was not a service and was crap to me. 
I didn't ask them for this.  I did nothing to them and yet here they are hurting me.
They should be caught, then sued by the people and companies they've done this too, then finally put in jail for life.
They've taken away my right of pursuit of happiness.  I am definitely not happy, and am very afraid of the internet right now.
I wonder if this has any link to Facebook telling me people from London were getting into my Facebook account.  I also wonder if this has a correspondence with people getting our bank account number and us having to change all that just recently.  They were trying to buy some kind of foreign currency.
If Lulz Sec wasn't responsible for those items happening, maybe they still put me at risk for such by posting this information on the internet.
I don't know if I want to have anything to do with the computer anymore.  They are more than criminals in my book, they are life suckers.  They suck the enjoyment out of life.  I have very little in life and the little I have they are taking away from me.
I am so very depressed now.  I don't know who I can trust anymore or if I even want to try.
I am so thinking about cancelling my Twitter, Facebook and Blog pages and just saying goodbye to the computer.
Problem is some of my bills I have to pay must be paid via automation.
Maybe the Government and other businesses will rethink it being mandatory that your bills and Doctor visits must be paid or scheduled online.  I sure hope so, so that safety and security can be mine once more.
Lulz Sec thank you for raping my soul, you lower than scum of the earth!!!!!!!!! 

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