Monday, June 20, 2011


Due to my information being stolen by Lulz Sec (who I personally feel is nothing but an extortion group, whether the extortion is for personal fame gain, or possibly future monetary gain,  by fear and intimidation in my opinion) I am taking safety precautions of unsubscribing to most blogs I follow as well as company advertisements I allow to be sent to me. 
I don't know if their posting of my information over the internet at various sites  had anything to do with possibly someone getting into my system and causing my previous computer to totally crash with no recovery ability, or if all the new scam mails that are overloading my junk mail (especially from Nigeria, the UK, China etc., that say you have a relative that died or you won this or that and send them all your info) is related to their exploits or not.  I'm not sure if their posting of such, lead someone to get into my system and steal info to companies that require us to do business with them via the internet or not, but we were affected financially and had to take steps to change account numbers and more with such companies. 
This really stinks.  I'm not a well person already and this has affected me both emotionally and physically.
Anyways, for your sites safety and mine, I'm trying to unsubscribe, so in case they can get to your locations via mine that it will not happen.
I suspect some people were already phishing and attempting to piggyback on my email address since Lulz Sec posted my information , as someone from London had logged onto my account there per Facebook info.  I know no one in London, and I've never been there, so I already know that Lulz Sec probably caused this to happen by posting the info.  Someone since the Lulz Sec posting of my information also tried to purchase some monetary exchanges using our info, but that was stopped by our financial institution.
We already informed LifeLock and they too are on the outlook.
Cyber Crime is not justified Lulz Sec, even by your so-called motives of good.  They are not good when they hurt people like me.  I never did anything to you Lulz Sec, but I truly suspect that what you did posting the information has in fact hurt me and my family.  I believe you are at least someone at fault in some way by allowing my information that I never gave you permission to post was put out on the internet where people could get into my system, that information included my password.  That was my personal property only to share with those I wanted.  It was not your property.  You stole something of mine whether you see it that way or not.
I hope those persons behind Lulz Sec are caught, sued, imprisoned.   Personally I don't believe extortion is protected in any country on this planet.  So I don't know if your group is located in the USA, or another country, or various countries around the world.  I just hope where your members are located that the authorities  are hot on your heels and catch you very, very, soon.


  1. I'm sorry this happened to you.

  2. Holy smokes!!! I am so sorry this happened to you. :( I hope they rot!!!!