Saturday, December 10, 2011

Poem Title: B-Clause It Rings True

(First before I begin typing the poem let me explain I wrote this as though Jesus might be speaking to Santa Clause via a dream sequence sort of like the ghosts in the play Scrooge)

In the Nick of time I give this dream to Jolly Old you,
B-Clause it rings so very true.
Many don't know me, they have no clue.
Yet they believe in the magic of  your suit's red hue.

Selling with your bearded smile becomes the retailers object;
ad campaigns billed as the December Chimney Project.
Separation of church and state again the hot subject;
the Creator's Son dropped like a spent coal in dust bins of reject.

Pine trees flashing lights of red, green, golden yellow, even blue.
Roofs and lawns adorned with Rudolph, snowmen, Grinch and you.
Whereas, my first earthly birthday remembered on so few.
Some Christians might kneel this by year by another empty church pew.

You only give them man-made gifts one time each year.
Yet, they celebrate you for that with robust Ho-Ho-Ho Cheer!
They'll happily watch for your sleigh and flying reindeer,
with faces pressed against window panes they'll wait and peer.

When I offer them the gift of eternal life, so many now jeer.
Of Hell's chains and  nails they have no sense of righteous fear,
though their chosen fate may be hammering near.
They don't see that Salvation awaits them.  I am right here.

I do believe this dream is wasted on you.
Your fabled image is too busy in the country of the red, white and blue.
B-Clause It Rings True,
You can't design a toy to make their love of me ever renew.

B-Clause It Rings True,
there are no toy designs that will make it renew.
It has to be their choice or they pay the due.
Do you have anything in your bag to give them a clue?

The B-Clause is the Bible Clause found in John 3:16.
Have you ever read it, do you know what it means?
Are you too busy with the happening Christmas scenes,
or  now concerned about fitting into your favorite jeans?

B-Clause It Rings True,
this may be wasted on you.
B-Clause It Rings True,
I hope this sticks to your heart like glue.

Poem:  Written by Lauralee Hensley of the blog After All We're A Family on December 10th, 2011.....   You have permission to copy and post this poem as long as you do not alter it, or my name as the author of it.  Thank you and God Bless You All.

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