Saturday, April 9, 2011


Okay, Hubby could not have a paycheck, but will still be expected to work for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.
Okay, if things aren't worked out by MAY 1st, it will start affecting military retirees pay too.
So, won't be able to borrow money to keep above water from Hubby's Dad, who is retired military.
My folks are both dead, so no borrowing from them.  No children here in the work arena to borrow from.
Wow, owe on our home, owe on our one vehicle, so really no collateral to get a bank loan with if things hit a stale mate and don't get resolved by our elected officials. 
So wondering if our home and vehicle will be taken, or if that can't happen.
If you think we can take Hubby's already earned vacation pay, sick leave pay and such, that is a big fat "NO."  Not during this period you can't.
Granted when things get worked out, he's suppose to get his back pay, but what about in the mean time.
Would we be allowed to collect food stamps, I wonder.  I truly do, or if that will be frozen for these persons that may be affected by this too.
Oh well, have to turn it all over to GOD.  I don't see this really being resolved this weekend at least.  I'm wondering if Hubby will be called into work in the morning for mandatory work to cover for those persons that may not be considered essential personnel because they don't yet have all the clearances they need to work in certain areas of the government.
I never in my lifetime thought this would be effecting or happening to my family, but it is.  Yes, we need to have less government spending.  They (our elected officials) need to be realistic about where the cuts need to be placed, and they need to get themselves in gear and get it done instead of yielding the floor and spouting off just to hear themselves talk and impress one another.

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