Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Poem: Vision

20/20 is often known as nominal vision.
Do the souls of some Christians still bearing such have any contrition?
You know the ones, they do nothing about The Great Commission.
The book of Matthew spells out The Great Commission clearly.
Do you read the text in Matthew yearly?
Should Christians be striving for a soulful sight of 10/10?
If we all did we'd be sure to see this age is near its' end.
Have you shared the plan of Salvation with a stranger, family, co-worker, friend?
You can do it in person, over the internet, or send a letter and help guide their pend.
Pray that the Holy Spirit is able to bring about their soulful submission
and that they will also take part in The Great Commission.
Help support a Television Ministry as a soul saving invention
or are you one who has decided the Holy Bible needs a revision?
A revision that says The Great Commission doesn't apply but to a few
and that for non-preachers or Disciples of old, The Great Commission is through.
How would you feel if this age ended before 2020
and that you couldn't even buy your friends or family into Heaven with all your money?
Would you then wished you had taken part in The Great Commission?
Would you have been rejoicing then for those souls Heavenly admission?
Ask yourself what strength is your vision,
is it strong enough to over come Satan's party of their demolition?
For this sight you do not need glasses to see,
you need to allow yourself  to pray for unsaved souls through Jesus Christ to be set free.
It's rather easy, can you now clearly believe?
The Great Commission is for all the saved, even you, even me.

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  1. I wrote this poem on 7-16-2013. You can copy it, share it. I don't care. I expect no compensation for this poem, in any way, shape, or form. I just want it to help people think and maybe make a positive change in their relationship with the Creator. God Bless.
    Lauralee Hensley