Saturday, September 21, 2013

Poem: Man-Made Natural Wars

This poem was written by me Lauralee Hensley, the Lauralee Hensley of this blog.  It was written on 9-21-2013
POEM:  Man-Made Natural Wars
Sickle made rockets and torpedoes flying in the wormwood sky, through raging sea.
With their targeted seismic explosive waves volcanos sulfuric lava will break free,
scorching ocean coral and smother everything in the path even cascade mountain tree.
Volcanos trigger the crust of the earth to break it's rock hard bread.
How many, oh how many, by it's Satanic offering will end up dead?
Flows running backward in rivers, water spilling out of lakes,
with each shake they are reminded of their Anti-Christ mistakes.
Tidal waves crashing into communities by the shore,
billions of dollars of damage is the least of which is in store.
Diseased dead bodies stuffed in body bags the worst chore.
Yet, they still curse GOD as their Anti-Christ still rules souls core.
Water contaminated by radiation floods and rains upon the ground,
little safe water to use or drink is even found.
Reactors foundations tossed to and fro,
slowly melt down and without cool waters do blow.
Giga counter held by suited inspector,
clicks to the rich, clicks to the poor,
it isn't safe to live here anymore.
Realities, realities of man-made triggered natural war.
Saturated ground growing deadly mold,
store houses of food empty, nothing left to be sold.
Many never prepared for emergencies even though told,
EMP's burn electrical circuits so many homes in summer too hot, in winter too cold.
Most phones melted inside,
families unable to check on loved ones to know who is living or who has died.
Out of control multiple electrical fires burning.
For the skyward meeting with Jesus Christ, Christians keep on believing, yearning.
Arriving in towns sick, wild animals seeking safety from the floods or fire.
Violent, ugly encounters with them and mankind will transpire.
People isolating themselves from one another,
so plagues don't pass from brother to brother.
Some nearly hardened hearts now seek out Biblical Truth and Salvation through the Son.
Others are still at that Anti-Christ point and from mere mention of God they run.
Wars of many kind are here, wars of many kind to be.
Let us pray it's not to late for our country.
Be a blessing, Pray for Israel's peace and safety.
Pray that the Jews will accept Jesus Christ's Salvation and from sin be set free.

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