Monday, November 4, 2013

This poem was written by Lauralee Hensley the Lauralee Hensley Of This Blog.  It was written on 11-4-2013.  You may copy and use this poem as you wish, you may share it.  I expect no compensation for it, monetary or otherwise.  Poem name at this time is Sealing Fate, Though I might choose to change the name of the Poem later on.  Please only change the poem if I have made spelling errors, or grammar mistakes.  Do not change the intent of it.  If you do not know I wrote this as how I believe part of the Holy Bible called Revelations is talking about the Seals.  However I am not God, so I could be wrong on how I believe some of the Seals relate to today.
Mounted on New World Order Horse, Adorned In White Hue,
The Bow Holding, Crowned Last Pope His Arrow Drew,
Shooting Deception Into Salvation As His Purpose Flew.
The Red Sword, Red Horse Rider Again Took Peace From The Earth,
Because Socialism Never Enjoyed In A Freedom Birth,
He Deceived While Taking It Away With Powerful Mirth.
Black Horse Rider of Justice and Capitalistic Free Enterprise,
Balanced Their Fall, Balanced Their New Mark Of The Beast Rise,
Listened Only To Powerful Rich, Not Heeding Saviors' Warning Cries.
The Pale Green Horse Carried The Jihadists of Terror,
Supplied By Red Horse Riders Biochemical And Explosive Carrier.
What Would Ever Work Against Them As A Barrier?
Death So Pale Leading Some To Hell.
25% Of Mankind Will Know Soon Well,
Death By Disease, Animal Plaques, Hunger, Or Sword Wielding Islamic Cell.
Avenge Us Oh Lord Our God, Souls Under The Altar Cry Out.
Judge Those On The Earth They Shout.
We'll Wear The White Robes While Others For You God Gather About.
God Heard Them And The Great Earthquake Came.
The Sun Became Black, What A Shame.
The Moon Dripping In Blood Shades, All Know It Is Not A Game.
Asteroids and Meteors Plummet Towards The World,
As Mighty Lightening And Winds Hurl,
While Troops Bravery Shrivels Into A Tight Curl.
Heaven Pulls Back Like A Scroll When It's Rolled Together,
Mountains And Islands Move To God's Commanded Letter.
Rich Leaders Hide In Caves Or Underground Bunkers As Things Not Better.
They Fear The Only One Who Can Redeem,
Realizing They Were Scammed By Satan's Scheme.
Unable Are They To Stand Against What God Did Deem.
Their Fate Has The Seal,
No New World Order Deal,
There is No Time Left For Appeal.

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