Monday, March 11, 2013

Agenda's Then And Now

The following poem was written by Me:  Lauralee F. Hensley
You can copy the poem if you want, just make sure others know I'm the author of it please.

Agenda's Then And Now
Some say it is so profound
the way many of us were found,
starved and naked on bare ground,
heaped high as a silent mound.
Some do not realize today
that first they took our guns and knives away
for the safety of all they did say,
their government lead hate was in play.
David's star upon sleeve bands we wore,
no jobs and ghetto's we bore.
Families apart they eagerly tore,
death of God's children was at Lucifer's core.
Can not buy, can not sell,
in death camps or hidden did dwell.
Shot in the back as the weak fell,
life for us a living hell.
Men forced to become less than men.
Women now tearless from forced sin on sin.
How long rescue took to begin,
yet held close to God for the madness to end.
Past hauntings repeat
with joined government beats.
Creator rights again he cheats,
gun rights seeing defeat.
Allegiance they gave to one not entitled,
those not for God's truth to him are bridled.
It matters not the color of their skin,
whether rich, poor, men or women.
They always over look his staged lies.
Call for re-education of those they despise.
Official hypocrites we are wise
as your power hungry Hitlerish agenda you devise.
Gas chambers, furnances, gun shot.....
Believers through Jesus Christ your Salvation was bought.
Remember the past, now give the present a thought,
again smell the rising of Hell's Rot.
Satan's time is short and he wants his day.
Don't let him steal your faith away.
Take not the number of the Beast to play,
to have food, a job, or a place to stay.
666 he wants to place upon even so called Christian and Jew,
even though some say this is not true.
A national, international ID card is the first clue,
then a mark of it bodily in or upon you.
The mark may be his number or his crest,
to take no marks at all is the best.
In God only your allegiance must rest
for God knows every sparrow that has fallen from his nest.
Poem by:  Lauralee F. Hensley

1 comment:

  1. Revelations unfolding before our eyes,
    some can't see through the disguise,
    yet this generation shall not pass away
    until GOD has the final say.

    You can add this into or onto the poem above as you wish. Should you make it into a song, this extra verse might work for part of a chorus.