Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I thought this was interesting reading about the Jewish and the American Pentecost's which occur 50 days after Easter http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentecost.

I wrote this poem the other day, you can copy and use it if you wish.  I don't expect any compensation from the use of it.
Warning of Judgements
God, I don't doubt you already know
many of your children are a bit uneasy here below.
Jewish forefather's past now parallels USA current history,
from which your chosen taught us our future to see.
Harbinger's sound the warning.
Forever we should have turned to you that 9/11 morning.
Defying Creator to rebuild on their own,
a forlornness of what you have shown.
Innocent blood routinely spilled.
Doing as they please, free-willed.
Never referring to your Holy Plan.
Many say there's no divinely created man.
Others say many paths to Heaven.
How puffed up they are with Satan's leaven.
Not believing the way to the Father is through the Son.
Both some totally shun.
Judgements to be decreed.
Godly justice to come indeed.
About their unbelief we've tried to plead,
only to be mocked at by the Luciferian breed.
Father some may feel uneasy as this all surrounds,
yet, true believers are still solidly found.
To your Biblical truths we are gladly bound,
even as we hear the Harbinger's sound.
Poem by:  Lauralee Hensley (me), you can copy and use this poem if you wish.  I don't expect any compensation from the use of it.

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