Tuesday, August 31, 2010

5K A Week I Can Live With That.

Okay, you may think I'm crazy.  I have been entering Publisher's Clearing House for major years.  I won't tell you exactly how long, but it's been really a long time. 
Do I really believe I will win?  Yes I do.  I think the law of averages has to someday fall that giant prize right into my wide lap.  I realize it's a few billion to one shot, but the win has to come to someone someday and it might as well be me.  That means I am diligent in entering.  I generally enter at least once a day.
I'd love to pay off every single bill we owe.  To fix up the things that need to be fixed up.  To get some of the things I constantly tell myself "No it's not in the budget."
I know I'll have to keep my husband in line if we won so he wouldn't spend it all so quickly that we wouldn't have the money to pay tithe to God or taxes to the government.  I generally think he is pretty level headed, but who knows in such a situation how he would react.  I'm pretty sure he'd go and buy a new vehicle and fix up the garage.
There would be so many things a person could do with $5,000 a week for life even if after tithe and taxes where you only had about $2,000 left. 
 Be honest have you ever played the what if game?  What if I won the Publisher's Clearing House $5,000 a week for life game?  I'll be honest I have. 
It actually reminds me of a game me and my younger sister played when we were little girls.  My mom would give us the big Sears Catalog when she was done with it.  Sis and I would pretend we each had $10,000 and then we'd circle what we would buy from the catalog and add up the prices to make sure we didn't go over the amount of pretend money we had to spend.  She'd circle in red ink and me in blue ink.
I think she was a better shopper and had better taste in clothing than I did even way back then.
Well, while I'm waiting for Publisher's Clearing House to knock at my dirty home's door (I so wish I could get the energy to vacuum, dust, mop etc.), I'll just keep cutting coupons and trying to find the best deals out there.  Yet, I'd probably still use coupons even when, not if, when I win, because it's in my blood.  Giving up using coupons would probably be as painful to me as someone who smoked having to give up their cigarettes.  You laugh?  I'm pretty sure it would be to me.
God Bless.
P.S.  Publisher's Clearing House Knock Hard at my door because sometimes the crazy doorbell doesn't want to ring.

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