Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So You Want To Understand Us Women A Little Better Do You?

This post is directed at the husbands of the world that think their wives are nuts for the hyper frenzied cleaning mode they go into before relatives arrive.
First and foremost do not say to us, "No one is going to notice how clean the house is, because they are coming to enjoy your company."  Absolutely do not make jokes about, "What's that dust bunny going to do under the bed, come out and attack Aunt Jo?  If it does I bet Aunt Jo beats it into a pile of dust in 1.1 seconds." 
Men you are that men.  Women do really check out other women's homes and realize if they are clean or dirty and actually do think thoughts like: 'Wow, is it safe to touch that gross looking faucet handle to wash my hands in this gas station looking bathroom.  I wish I had a can of Clorox spray with me right now.' 
It's in our nature.  We internally fret when our homes are not clean all the time, but somehow if it's just our immediate family being exposed to our lack of desire to clean, tiredness, health issues or bad attitude then we can somehow make mental excuses to let it slide another day, okay another week if truth be told.  Yet,
if we know it's another adult female that is coming to our home, or the pastor of the church, then WOW (Woman Overdrive Work) kicks in.    We realize we have x amount of things to do to make our home presentable.  With only a certain amount of time to do this in, either help or get out of the way.  Do you want
extra favors or a special meal during this time period, fine then either do it yourself or call Domino's Pizza for
home delivery.
We women wish you men where born with this gene.  Now for those of you women who have a husband who
understands and seems himself to have this gene, then you need to give your mother-in-laws a high five for instilling these learned traits in their son.  I say learned because there is no way they were born with them, that's strictly a female thing.
I am sorry for those men who have a wife that does not seem to have been born with this gene at all.  She was born with it, but somehow these traits have been unlearned in her at some point.  If it's getting to you well all I have to say is tell it to the talk shows, hire Merry Maids, and roll up your own sleeves  if you want a clean home or at least one that's not like the show Hoarder's on TV.
I bet you're wondering how my home looks at the moment.  Well, everything is picked up and put away in the rooms a visitor would see, but they still need dusted, vacuumed and moped.  Yet, I'm not expecting any company, if I were you could believe this house would be clean.
I was inspired to write this post after  reading the blog post at In Through The Out Door.


  1. Thank you for the fun little poem you wrote on my blog about our little "Stinky" man! :) It made me smile!

  2. You are so right!! Men just do not understand!!!

  3. To: Sarah, you're welcome for the poem.
    To: Kisha, you're right, they don't.