Friday, November 12, 2010

Will Future War Be Over Needed Space For Their Growing Populations?

Sometimes I'm a curious sort of person.  I was wondering about how many people are living in the United States of America in relationship to our country's actual land mass in square miles.  Would you believe we are not crowded in as tightly as many other countries citizens are? In the United States of America we have land areas combined of about 3,537,438.44 square miles and water areas combined  of about 256,644.62 square miles, for a total area of 3,794,083.06 approximate square miles.  Some of our citizens prefer to live in houseboats that are on some of the waters in our country.  Most prefer to live on the land.  Some prefer more populated cities and some less populated colder climates.  Our country is blessed with varied climates, because we have Alaska, we have Hawaii, we have coastal states, as well as interior states.  So there is probably somewhere a citizen can find to live that would agree with them, if finances allowed.
Yet if you look at the web page  you'll see other population sizes of various countries in relationship to their land mass availability.  Some of these countries have a high population to available land area and related resources.
So this made me wonder if someday in the future would war be waged against the United States of America simply because we have the space available for growing populations of other  countries? Wars have been waged before because other countries wanted the spoils (available goods) of other countries, and our country has the land to produce or locate naturally occurring spoils (e.g. food, oil, natural gas, gold and other metals, etc.). These may not be actual real needs of other countries since there is world trade, but it may be sense of supply need control by certain countries.   We have factories already built to manufacture goods, and mass market food supplies.  There are educated people here who could be taken into custody to work for a new regime against their will.
Why have these thoughts been going through my mind today?  I think deep down it's because I don't believe our country has the influence it once had over other countries of the world.  I don't think we are truly seen as a military strength in the same way as we were after World War I and World War II.
Back then we didn't see war against us as having to pacify the aggressors.  We stood with other strong countries against oppressors of persons.  Yet, are there truly strong countries to stand with anymore?  Do other countries back away and say, "Here America, you do this and try and leave us out of it as much as possible, both financially and morally."    It seems to me to be that way.
I know the Bible tells us that God will bless those that bless Israel and will curse those that curse Israel (it says thee in the verse in place of Israel, but if you read the chapter before, the chapter the verse is in and the chapter after, you know it refers to Israel.  Plus it says I (meaning God) will bless those that bless you and curse those that will curse you.  I used to feel our government was looking out for Israel's best interest, but I don't really see that happening right now.  Why should Israel have to give up any of her land mass to the Muslims wanting it?  There are other Muslim nations with great land mass (Saudi Arabia) that could absorb their brother Muslims that want pieces of Israel.  If Israel gave up some of their really little land mass to the Muslims would it stop there?  I  personally don't think so. 
I don't know if we really belong in the United Nations anymore either, or if they should even be located here anymore.  Perhaps they now belong in the EU.  Let security forces of another nation be more involved in making sure everything is safe when the members of the United Nations have their meetings and votes.  I don't think the United Nations should have a voice in how the United States of America plans or executes ways and means of keeping the citizens of this nation safe from war mongers (dealers in tricked-out wares of war) and terrorists of any fashion.
I think we should revamp our immigration policies too.  I think it should be harder to even get work visa's to come into the United States of America.  We already have enough of our current citizens without work without taking on other countries citizens.  Other countries need to make their own countries work so their citizens don't want to leave.  I mean the countries of the world are not still in
the Dark Ages and need to step up to the responsibilities they have for all of their citizens in that country.  Does that mean some countries need to have civil wars to accomplish such?  Well, perhaps, ours did.  Do people die in civil wars?  Yes, they do.  Even though I don't want people of any nationality to die, maybe through those deaths (their own citizens deaths that would have a greater personal, moral and ethical impact on the people living in that country) would they ever get to the point of ever having a truly working fair government for their citizens.  I mean our soldiers dying for them is not going to hit home as deeply, profoundly, or leave a very deep lasting sense of sacrifice as their own family members ever would.
Though I am very proud of our men and women in the US armed forces that have served, are serving, or have even gave their own lives for these persons in other countries, I wonder if such will
ever have a lasting effect on a change in their governmental structures and the treatments of their own citizens.  I think not.  Don't the pull-outs of our troops always just seem to result in a new wave
of political unrest in those countries in less than three to seven years?  I personally think so.  Another Dictator Monarchy type seems to step back up and grab hold, first by terrorizing those not in agreement with his plans through religious methods if possible (e.g. you'll lose your soul, you'll be damned if you don't do his bidding), military force, imprisonment, torture or death and then by spreading his hate in regards to other nations of the world.  I feel history truly repeats itself in this regards, at least certainly in some parts of the world.  Isn't there a sense of unrest once again in the Sudan region?
Well, I usually try to just hand over all my concerns to God in a prayer, but I thought I'd let my readers know my brain does think on things more than just little mini poems with rhymes.  My brain gets pretty complicated in it's thoughts at times.  It sends me on little quests to find out more information from time to time.  Like today, the population of America in relationship to our land mass and how that might influence how other nations of the world may someday see us.

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  1. It's a scenario to think about, that's for sure. I agree with you: I don't think the US holds the power it used to, and that puts us into a possibly very dangerous situation. :( We've handed too much over to other countries via our industries, we owe counties like China too much financially, both of which are very troublesome.

    I'll leave it at that before I leave you a giant blog post. lol