Saturday, October 16, 2010

Google Friends Connect Why Do You Keep Disappearing?

Once again I can't see the Google Friends Connect either on my blog or on anyone else's blogs I'm visiting.  I hope they are just doing maintenance or something and that it will be back again tomorrow. Since I don't have many computer skills this is a bit troubling.  The little I do know is basically self-taught. I wish I knew more, but I'm not a read it and understand it kind of person.  I actually do best with one to one training and watching someone show me and allowing me then to do it and repeating it back a few times. Then I need time to write down my own notes on how to do something in a way that makes sense to my brain.
I wish I had one of those brains that was a written word learner, but we all have our own learning styles.   I know that mine holds me back quite a bit.  However with this kind of brain you need a patient teacher.  My husband knows some things, but he can't teach patiently and I just shut down.  I wish my step-son was here, he could probably show me alot of things and would be patient I'm sure.  Yet, he's states away and I'm sure not coming back here any time soon.  I'd be surprised if we even saw him in a few years.  He never liked this state.  He likes to be nearer the ocean.

I just hope this isn't happening because of something I'm doing or not doing.  Well, I'll be patient again for awhile and see how things go.  Google Friends Connect please come back and let me see you on my blog and all the wonderful blogs I really enjoy visiting.

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