Friday, October 15, 2010

What teacher had the greatest impact on your life?

The above title question was posed by Eighty MPH Mom.  I can honestly say there were only about 4 that had a great impact on my life.
Yet, the first teacher that really made me feel good about myself was my 6th grade teacher Mr. Housman.  He found a strength in me and helped it to flourish.  He recognized that me and five others in his class were beyond the math skills required for 6th grade.  He helped us and by the end of the year we were doing high school Algebra I.
Why did this make me feel good about myself?  Truthfully,  I was only average in all my other studies.
He was a very fair teacher to all his students.  Mr. Housman made learning fun.  We did a stock market project that was very enlightening.  Crazy experiments was something he always liked to do.  One experiment resulted in an  embalming fluid bottle being accidentally broken.   The school had to be let out for the day to let the school rooms all air out from those strong fumes.   He was told he could only do experiments on Friday afternoons from then on.
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